Is Sonlight Worth the Investment?

Sonlight is not the cheapest homeschool curriculum on the market. Nor is it easiest academically. It requires that you spend time reading to and talking with your children.

So you might wonder ... is Sonlight worth the investment? Thousands of homeschool families worldwide give a resounding YES. But why?

Customers consistently tell us about the return on their Sonlight investment: a truly enjoyable, successful and rewarding homeschool experience.

Invest dollars ... get peace of mind

Sonlight gives you curriculum you can use again and again, provides a lasting library, saves you untold hours of stressful planning and material-gathering, and gives you peace of mind because you know your kids are getting a great education.

Get details on Sonlight's financial value on here (see reason #2).

Invest shelf space ... and build a library with lasting benefits

Sonlight programs include lots of books. You'll get a box (or two or three) full of quality books with your curriculum purchase. Why so many?

You probably know that great books help students interact with history, geography and faith. When children form emotional connections with characters, they actually remember what they read. They gain the context they need to understand the flow of world history.

You just can't get these benefits from a few books each year.

But why should you own these books? An extensive new study shows, "A child from a family rich in books is 19 percentage points more likely to complete university than a comparable child growing up without a home library."1 In fact, the size of a home library greatly affects educational achievement," even adjusting for parents' education."

This library also provides quality family entertainment that will last for years. Sonlight books are so good, kids really do read them again and again. And that nurtures a love for reading and learning.

Through hard work, students get prepared for life

Sonlight students will work hard. They will read more books, cover more history, learn more Science, do more experiments and complete broader writing assignments than most other students.

We hear stories all the time of Sonlight students soaking up knowledge and wowing parents, pastors, public school teachers and college professors alike with their understanding of geography, the flow of history and the world around them. Sonlight students are academically prepared for life.

Sonlight fosters a love to learn

Much of this success comes because Sonlight students truly love to learn. You can only force-feed an education for so long, and with limited success.But as children read truly great books and learn with Sonlight, the "force-feeding" becomes unnecessary. Why? Because Sonlight so often kindles a deep desire to learn. And once that fire is lit, the sky is the limit for what students will accomplish.

Sonlight prepares students to think critically

Sonlight is different than most other curricula because it asks you to do the significant work of listening to more than one point of view. Instead of sticking to "safe" topics and books that all agree with one another, students and parents (especially in the older years) interact with top-notch books from diverse viewpoints. All with the guidance, balancing commentary and firmly Christian perspective of your Instructor's Guide.

Because of this crucial work, your kids will be able to discuss tricky topics with their hearts and minds when they graduate—topics such as evolution and design, postmodernism and absolute truth, politics, and reasons for their faith.

Sonlight prepares students to live in this world

Many young Americans from Christian homes walk away from their faith in college and early adulthood. One study reports that "a majority of twenty somethings - 61% of today's young adults- had been churched at one point during their teen years but they are now spiritually disengaged."2 We suspect most didn't face the tough questions of faith and modern culture until college. Since they hadn't been prepared to navigate these issues from a Christian perspective, they reached an intellectual or emotional impasse and walked away.

But Sonlight doesn't ignore these tough questions. Students engage with them from the safety and guidance of their parents' home as they grow. We can't guarantee that your children will always walk with the Lord (no one can guarantee such a thing). But with Sonlight, you can help your children gain sure footing before they head out into the world.

Sonlight equips students to do whatever God calls them to do

The well-rounded education that comes from a rigorous literature-rich approach prepares students for whatever God may have for them.

Sonlight graduates are now college students, pastors, engineers, missionaries, musicians, elected officials, entrepreneurs, doctors, farmers and more! Meet recent grads and read the stories of past Sonlight Scholarship Winners here.

Parents invest time with their children ... and reap lifelong benefits

The most important investment you'll make with Sonlight is yourself, your time. And in return ...

Sonlight fosters a genuine connection between parents and children. Our curriculum involves lots of parent-child interaction because we believe you are your child's most valuable teacher and guide in life. Customers tell us that the special times reading and talking together have created family bonds stronger than they would have ever imagined.

Children learn to trust their parent as a valuable source of wisdom and guidance.

One of the big benefits of Sonlight--a true return on your investment of time and energy--is that the curriculum opens up all sorts of conversations you may not have otherwise had with your children. You'll learn about character development, hard choices, difficult points in history and the amazing stories of people who follow God. You'll naturally talk with your kids about everything from politics and faith to nature and history. (Don't worry—we provide tools to guide you in those discussions.)

And all this helps instill an important lesson in your children: You are a trusted, safe and good source of life wisdom and direction. We often hear from parents of high schoolers who have used Sonlight for years. "You won't believe the caliber of conversations we're having!" they write. "The years of hard work and talking is paying off in ways I would have never imagined. My teenagers and I are close, and talk about everything." Oh, what many parents would give for a relationship with their teenagers like that!

So you decide: is Sonlight worth the investment to you? With a one-year money-back guarantee, go ahead: give it a try and find out.

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