Homeschool Phonics Curriculum

Sonlight's Language Arts programs include phonics-based reading instruction in the initial levels and spelling, handwriting, grammar, and creative writing in subsequent levels. Purchase a complete Language Arts and Readers program for phonics instruction, a phonics-based Spelling program, and beginning instruction in sentence mechanics.

Sonlight Phonics ProgramsSonlight Phonics Programs
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Sonlight offers complete phonics programs, combining language arts and age-appropriate readers for K through 4th Grade. 

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Add to your phonics program with a variety of materials, including Explode the Code, I Can Read It!, and MCP Phonics

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Supplement your phonics program with fun bonus games, activities, and phonics teaching resources.

Homeschool Language Arts AssessmentHomeschool Language Arts Assessment

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Children’s abilities vary greatly in the younger years. Use this free assessment to choose the Language Arts program that matches your child's ability.

Sonlight Homeschool Phonics Curriculum 

Sonlight's early Language Arts programs include a phonics foundation. You will also find basic phonics for spelling rules in our language arts Instructor's Guide.

Sonlight Phonics Programs can be purchased as stand-alone products. They are already included in our All-Subjects Packages.

The phonics programs below include a set of age-appropriate Readers. If you purchased a History / Bible / Literature program, you will already have a set of Readers and only need to purchase a Language Arts program to get phonics instruction.

If you would like to supplement this instruction, you may be interested in additional materials for assisting in language arts studies. 

Sonlight Kindergarten Phonics ProgramSonlight Kindergarten Phonics Program

Sonlight K Phonics Program

Grade K Readers with Language Arts K

Learn to read! This Grade K Readers with Language Arts program is designed for kids who are ready to learn the alphabet. Introduces each letter and the primary sound(s) it makes, and gets the creative juices flowing with simple writing activities (with you as your child's scribe).

Age Range: 5-6
Grade Range: K

Sonlight 1st Grade Phonics ProgramSonlight 1st Grade Phonics Program

Sonlight 1 Phonics Program

Grade 1 Readers with Language Arts 1

Designed for children who have just begun to master three-letter short-vowel words. Helps them move to advanced short words and short chapter books. With your help, children will "write" their first short stories!

Age Range: 6-8
Grade Range: 1

Sonlight 2 Phonics Program

Grade 2 Readers with Language Arts 2

Created for children who can decode most words but are still working toward proficiency in reading. Helps children learn to organize their thoughts, construct basic sentences and write simple paragraphs. You will likely serve as their scribe for writing exercises.

Age Range: 7-9
Grade Range: 2

Sonlight Grade 3 Phonics ProgramSonlight Grade 3 Phonics Program

Sonlight 3 Phonics Program

Grade 3 Readers with Language Arts 3

Ideal for students who need more advanced reading practice than easy reader books provide. The unique Diamond Notes method guides you step-by-step through the process of teaching your children to write winning paragraphs.

Age Range: 8-10
Grade Range: 3

Sonlight Grade 4 Phonics ProgramSonlight Grade 4 Phonics Program

Sonlight 4 Phonics Program

Grade 4 Readers with Language Arts 4

Features books for students able to read at a more advanced level, but with content gentle enough for young readers. Helps you guide students to write paragraphs with more independence. You may still want to serve as their scribe on more challenging assignments.

Age Range: 9-12
Grade Range: 4

Homeschool Phonics & Reading Curriculum 

Looking for additional phonics help? Shop supplemental phonics materials. 

Explode the Code - Homeschool Phonics CurriculumExplode the Code - Homeschool Phonics Curriculum

Explode the Code

Kids love Explode the Code workbooks! The activities are illustrated with simple line drawings and help students with phonological awareness, decoding, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency and even spelling. These easy to use workbooks provide a solid foundation for phonetics through instruction and practice.

Remedial ReadingRemedial Reading

Remedial Reading

Help a student struggling to read find success at last! More than your typical reading primer, I Can Read It! volumes contain stories with an actual plot, not just a pile of words. 

MCP PhonicsMCP Phonics

MCP Phonics

This proven scope and sequence, along with the abundance of practice, review, and application of skills, ensures comprehensive coverage and supports best practices in phonics instruction.

Phonics Curriculum Supplements

Supplement your phonics program with fun bonus games, activities, and phonics teaching resources. Check out top sellers below and visit Sonlight's store for a complete list of all phonics products.