Sonlight College Scholarships

Applications for 2022 Sonlight Scholarships are now open!

Scholarship applications for 2022 have been received and applications are now closed. 

Congratulations to the 2021 recipients! Sonlight's scholarship winners are one of many reminders that homeschooling is an excellent educational option. You can read about all of our scholarship winners on our <a href="" target="_blank">blog</a>. 

Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd.'s charitable foundation sponsors an annual competition for college scholarships. Scholarships are typically awarded as follows: one $5,000/year, four $2,500/year, and eight $1,000/year four-year scholarships for students who intend to begin college in the fall after graduating high school.

To be eligible for a scholarship award, we require applicants to have purchased and used a minimum of five (5) full Sonlight Curriculum History / Bible / Literature programs (may include All-Subjects packages or, from previous years, Core, CorePlus™, CoreUltra™, "Basic," "First-Time" or Newcomer packages), all purchased in 2000 or later.

We encourage you to contact us in September or after to verify eligibility, as this may save you considerable time and avoid unnecessary aggravation. You may either send an email to or call 303-730-6292 and ask for the scholarship coordinator.

Past Sonlight Homeschool College Scholarships RecipientsPast Sonlight Homeschool College Scholarships Recipients

We offer scholarships based on two different sets of criteria

(Green or Blue) You may apply to meet either set, but not both.

Green Criteria

We award up to four scholarships where mission mindedness, acts of kindness, spiritual mindedness, and other factors count more highly than academics. Two $2,500/year and two $1,000/year four-year scholarships may be awarded in this category based upon the following weighted criteria, in order of the greater weight to the lesser weight:

  • mission mindedness or acts of kindness
  • spiritual mindedness
  • creativity
  • leadership
  • academic performance
  • heart for learning
  • activities and interests

Blue Criteria

We will award up to nine scholarships in which academics are the greatest weight in our selection. For at least two of these scholarships, we will give added weight to applications from applicants with math or science backgrounds. One $5,000/year, two $2,500/year, and six $1,000/year four-year scholarships may be awarded in this category based upon the following weighted criteria, in order of the greater weight to the lesser weight:

  • academic performance
  • spiritual mindedness
  • leadership
  • creativity
  • mission mindedness or acts of kindness
  • heart for learning
  • activities and interests

All Scholarship applications for students beginning classes in the Fall of 2022 must be submitted by December 1, 2021. We will accept and review all applications postmarked or received by email December 1, 2021 and before.

The scholarship committee will review all applications, decide on qualifications and merit, and inform the winner(s) no later than February 15, 2022.

Please read our evaluation criteria to determine your eligibility. Then submit your application to apply!

Scholarship Evaluation & Application Forms

Please follow these instructions to be considered for a Sonlight Curriculum Scholarship:

Sonlight's 2020 College Scholarship WinnersSonlight's 2020 College Scholarship Winners

Sonlight's goal is to provide the best Christian homeschool curriculum materials and service. We are privileged to offer scholarships for homeschoolers entering college or a university. Eligibility for college scholarships is one of the many SonlightCares™ benefits.

Click here to meet our 2020 winners. And check out the Where Are They Now? stories to see past winners and their successes in life.

Sonlight Scholarship Highlight

Watch the stirring speech by Notre Dame's valedictorian CJ Pine, one of the past Sonlight Scholarship winners!

Whether you’re new to homeschooling or have been studying with Sonlight for some time, we’re in this journey with you for the long haul. We share your desire to help your children succeed and we’ll walk alongside to help you create the long-term educational experience you envision.

For more stories of past Sonlight Scholarship winners, visit our Where Are They Now? page.

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