Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum

Teaching Multiple Students 

If you can imagine a family cuddled on the couch, laughing as dad reads a hilarious turn of the plot with one of his signature voices, then you may be onto the secret of teaching more than one child with a single Sonlight program.

Can you teach multiple students with Sonlight?

Teaching multiple children at different ages can sometimes feel difficult to manage. Sonlight makes it easier by dividing our curriculum into two types of subjects: Couch and Table Subjects.

Unlike a traditional textbook approach, you don’t have to order a separate Sonlight program for each child. You can combine multiple children for Couch Subjects (think History / Bible / Literature and Science), then do skill-based Table Subjects (Language Arts, Math, Spelling, and Handwriting) separately with each child, according to ability.

Sonlight helps you navigate teaching multiple children while saving you time, money and frustrations. This time together will help to build rich, life-long family bonds. Learn more in the video below.

Couch Subjects™

Couch subjects are literature-based and developed for a range of ages that enable flexibility to teach various subjects and combine multiple students into one program. These subjects teach students content-knowledge and are typically done sitting on a couch. Subjects like: Bible, history, geography, Read-Alouds, and science.

These subjects are all about learning new information. And children in a large range of ages can all learn the same information. Sonlight programs teach using biographies, historical fiction, and other books designed to appeal to both children and adults.

If you've ever read C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia, you know that they are not only good for readers who are eleven years old. They are good for children younger than eleven, and older than eleven—even adults.

So if you are homeschooling more than one child, you can use one Sonlight program for multiple children for all Couch Subjects.

In general, one program will work well if your children are within about three years of one another. If you have very young children, or if your children cover a wider range of ages, or if you want further reassurance, please don't hesitate to contact one of our Curriculum Advisors.

Table Subjects™

Table subjects are those developed to meet each student’s individual ability. Table Subjects are those that you probably do at a table or desk, including language arts, spelling, and math. These subjects are all about building skills. We offer placement tests to ensure students are properly placed.

With Table Subjects, you will want to choose one for each child, according to each child's skill level.

And one exception

There is one more item you need to consider, especially if your children are younger than third grade. If you are using a Sonlight program up to Sonlight D, choose the Readers appropriate for each child's reading ability. (From Level D on, the Readers are integral to the program—no need to choose.)

How to put this together

Choosing your Sonlight homeschool curriculum is an easy process of just three steps and you'll be on your way to your very own #sonlightboxday!

Follow the steps below or download this handy curriculum shopping checklist. This guide can also be found inside the Sonlight catalog. If at any point you need help with choosing a program, we are here! Contact our homeschool Advisors for personalized assistance.

Buy your couch and table homeschool subjectsSave 20%

Choose your Couch Subjects™

Choose your History / Bible / Literature and a Science program. Pick one of each for all students sharing the program (students within about three years of age).

Choose your Table Subjects™

Choose Table Subjects™ for each student, based on each student's ability. Find placement tests here.

  • Pick a math program
  • Pick a Language Arts program that fits each student's skill level.
  • Choose a Handwriting program (included in Sonlight All-Subjects Packages, but you can substitute for your preferred program).
  • Spelling (Included in Sonlight Language Arts Programs through level 4. Spelling You See is included in our All-Subjects Packages for levels D-F).
  • Readers (Included in every HBL program. Customize for levels K-C).

Choose Additional Subjects

Sonlight offers all subjects and all grades. From hands-on history projects, to lap books, to a wide range of electives — we offer a number of optional resources and supplements to round out your school year choices.

When you add all of the components of an All-Subjects Package you'll immediately save 20% off retail and 10% off everything else in your order.

We've made the process of choosing curriculum simple for you with our guided curriculum builder tool: SmoothCourse™. We'll walk you through each step of the process and help you add the materials you need when you need them.