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Sonlight is the industry leader in literature-based education. Our goal is to provide everything you need to see your students flourish.

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Now you can bring Sonlight Curriculum into your school or microschool!

Sonlight’s literature-based curriculum is a great fit for the classroom. The ability to share Bible, History, and Science studies across multiple ages offers students the benefits of peer learning and helps build communication skills between grade/age levels. Online assessments for elementary-level skill-based subjects enable teachers to place students at an appropriate level for success in math and phonics/language arts. Sonlight’s Instructor’s Guides provide teachers with ready-to-use lesson plans and notes for the entire school year.

Whether you are a brick-and-mortar school or are seeking a curriculum for a micro-school, hybrid model, or university model school, Sonlight’s literature-based approach makes it an excellent choice for your students.

We have curriculum experts who are available to introduce the benefits of literature-based learning to your teachers, school board, or parents. Our free consultation provides an in-depth look at this innovative approach to learning. Be sure to request a free consult today!

Services for Schools

Dedicated Account Manager

A dedicated curriculum expert who will walk you through the exploration, classroom planning, quoting, purchasing, and implementation phases for your school. Continuity and trust are top-of-mind as we work with your teachers and staff .

Teacher Training

A detailed virtual onboarding session for your teachers and staff that introduces them to literature-based learning and addresses classroom best practices. Scheduled for after you receive your materials so teachers have the opportunity to review and come prepared with questions specific to their class groups.

Ongoing Support

Access to support throughout the school year. Whether questions arise in the course of using materials, or mid-year incoming students require an additional curriculum order, we are accessible to you and your staff. End-of-term consultation is also available to review the success of materials and plan early for the coming year.

Sonlight is a phenomenal curriculum! Their detailed Teacher Guides include easy-to-use lesson plans that are a lifesaver to any teacher. Sonlight is incredible in offering all levels of core subjects for all types of academic students. Its sequential learning periods of history, fun geography resources, and timeline activities are remarkable! Sonlight ties in vibrant and enriching literature and all necessary elements in language arts. Their sciences are completely out of this world with lively science experiments and kits! Sonlight has successfully mastered hands-on learning with great books!

Awaken Academy, San Diego, CA

All my children have learned more in these last five years with Sonlight than they have in all the other years combined using a different curriculum.

The D. family, Sonlighters from Bennett, CO

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For anyone not sure if they want to join, Sonlight Connections Facebook group has become one of my favorite homeschool groups!

Natalie W.

In our country, homeschooling is not that popular. That is why the support and advice from the Sonlight Connections Community is a huge blessing to us.

The Portes Medina family

I work from home, and this is my first year homeschooling. It can feel like a bit of a roller coaster. One minute I think this is the best decision we have ever made and then other times I get bombarded with doubts: Did we make the right choice? Am I enough for the kids? Will they learn what they really need? Sonlight's Facebook groups have been such a blessing. They help me get out of those anxious/doubtful times. I get so much encouragement from the other moms and dads who have the same struggles or questions that I have.

Amy A

This group has been such a joy for me this whole 1st year of homeschooling, but ESPECIALLY during this unusual time we all find ourselves in. So many of you make me laugh and I wish I knew you in real life! And I LOVE to hear from all of you veteran Sonlighters because I gain so much wisdom and advice! Not many Facebook homeschool groups are as awesome as this one. Thanks for the breath of fresh air, All! Praying for you all!

Donielle G.