Complete, Literature-Based Christian Homeschool Curriculum from Sonlight

Sonlight is the original literature-based, Christian homeschool curriculum. We pioneered this style of learning in 1990, and have been thrilled and privileged to provide top-quality education to homeschooling families for the last 30 years.

We do not attempt to replicate public education at home. Sonlight’s comprehensive curriculum uses real books to deliver an engaging and complete education, far richer than textbooks and rote memorization. Through the years, our product has grown and matured, but at its core, it remains the same: a collection of the best-of-the-best educational materials, conveniently assembled together to help you teach your children.

Sonlight is a fully-planned, flexible curriculum that comes with all the materials you need, including through lesson plans and notes so that you can enjoy successful homeschooling.

We believe a literature-based education can bring your family both academic success and connection. In fact, we believe this so strongly that we back it up with a 100% money-back guarantee. Unmatched by any other curriculum, our Love to Learn, Love to TeachTM guarantee offers you a complete refund ... even if you've used your curriculum materials for half a year!

Sonlight offers multiple curriculum packages, each completely customizable to meet your family's needs. Start by choosing one of the three options below and customize as desired. You can purchase and product individually, but for the best experience, price and deepest discount, choose or build a package.

History / Bible / Literature
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Although all of our products are available for purchase individually, the true Sonlight Experience is our literature-based, History / Bible / Literature homeschool programs. Choose a 4 or 5-day option.

All-Subjects Packages
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Your complete homeschool year! This easy-to-order package contains everything you need to teach all subjects for one student for one year. Easily customizable online. Choose a 4 or 5-day option.

Build Your Own Package
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Follow the steps in our SmoothCourseTM curriculum builder to create your own complete and personalized curriculum package. Mix-and-match subjects to create your best curriculum for your learners.

History / Bible / Literature Programs

Sonlight's flagship product—and the foundation for a complete Sonlight education are our History / Bible / Literature programs.

A History / Bible / Literature program includes a complete library of books for history, Bible, geography and literature: All of the books you need to complete your children's year of school—all connected with an award-winning Instructor's Guide. Included in the HBL package are all of the books you will read aloud to your children (the Read-Alouds), books that your children will read on their own, when they're old enough (the Readers), books that bring History to life. Books that your children will want to read … repeatedly! Even better? As much as possible, the Sonlight curriculum schedule interconnects the History, Read-Alouds, and Readers, so your children get an immersive experience in the historical period you study.

The Sonlight Instructor's Guide turns the stack of books into a connected course of study: 36 complete, weekly lesson plans. (Planning to attend a co-op one day a week? We offer a 4-day version in many of our HBL packages.) All your reading assignments, activities, notes, questions, all scheduled day-by-day. All you have to do each day is open the Guide, see what's scheduled, and do it!

The History / Bible / Literature program comes with a 15% discount included, and a variety of perks, including:

  • Sonlight's famous full-year "Love to Learn, Love to Teach™, or your Money Back" guarantee. Use Sonlight for 18 weeks over the course of a year, and if you don't love it, you can return it and get your money back — with no hassles.
  • Access to the Sonlight Advisors. These curriculum consultants offer free, personalized help, suggesting a course of study tailored to your family's needs. And if you need additional support, once you've begun, Advisors are ready to help you enjoy your best year yet. Independent consultants charge hundreds of dollars for a similar service. For Sonlighters, this is included in your purchase.
  • An amazing, supportive user community of like-minded people who love to learn by reading. From Sonlight Connections and Facebook, emails and webinars, you do not have to walk this road alone. We have a vibrant community of people caring for and encouraging one another.
  • SonlightCares™. This collection of benefits includes, among others, college scholarship eligibility, an Instructor's Guide repurchase discount, year-round discounts, free shipping.
  • Unmatched customer service. When you need help, we are available, through email, phone and chat. We get you the answers you need, offer the support you require, and care for you like family.

But the History / Bible / Literature program does not include all subjects. Starting with this as your base, you can add Language Arts, Science, Math, Handwriting, Electives, and any Required Resources you need. For a complete course of study, and the deepest discount, order (or build) a Sonlight All-Subjects Package.

All-Subjects Packages

This complete homeschool curriculum includes everything mentioned above in History / Bible / Literature, as well as:

  • Sonlight Science. Not just engaging and age-appropriate science content, but an Instructor's Guide, activity sheets, and all the supplies you need to complete your experiments. (And if you inadvertently become a member of HENSE — "Home Educators Neglecting Science Experiments" — you can watch the video that walks through the experiments, so your children can at least see the experiments.)
  • Sonlight Language Arts. The thorough, easy-to-use Instructor's Guide walks you through how to teach your children all the vital skills they will need: from phonics, letter formation, and reading in the very earliest grades, to grammar, writing instruction, and all of the other skills that college-bound students might require.
  • Your choice of the best math programs on the market. Sonlight offers all the top math programs on the market, including Math-U-See, Horizons Math, Singapore Math, Saxon Math and Miquon Math. Choose the one that works best for you.

An All-Subjects Package is the absolute best package for a first-time Sonlighter and comes with a 20% discount included.

And when you're ready for some extra enrichment, Sonlight also offers a wide variety of quality electives. From art and music to computer programming and foreign language, we have vetted scores of products and programs so you don't have to. And now, having read all of that, this is just a list.

Sonlight is not a list. It's an experience, a lifestyle. Join us. Shop All-Subjects Packages.

Build Your Own Curriculum Package

Create a customized curriculum package with SmoothCourseTM. This guided tool will help you build a complete and personalized curriculum package for your students. You'll get exactly what you need—a customized Sonlight package that matches your children's skills across all subjects. You'll even have the option to add and combine multiple students as you build your package!

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Two values integrated into Sonlight's curriculum

Sarita Holzmann, founder and president of Sonlight, strongly believes in the benefit of reading and helping students see how they can make a difference in the world. These two values permeate every Sonlight program. Sarita says…

Inspiring Stories of People Who Made a Difference

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