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As you browse the many Sonlight programs available for you and your children, you might wonder why the History and Science packages span several age groups or grades. Why doesn't Sonlight just offer one program per level or age and be done with it? Wouldn't that make things easier for everyone?

Not neccessarily. Let's look at a few reasons why Sonlight's homeschool curriculum is set up this way.

Literature-based packages

One of our primary goals is to endow students with a love for quality literature. Great literature (unlike most textbooks) can be accessible to a wide range of ages. So instead of a program based on a pre-set number or grade, we want to give you and your students the power to choose what subjects and stories you want to learn this year. You will often find several options for each year.

Students within 3 years of each other can be taught using the same History / Bible / Literature and Science program

There are numerous benefits to this adaptable system, as combined programs help you:

  • Avoid purchasing duplicate products.
  • Re-use, instead of repurchase, a program as a younger student advances.
  • Save time and money that you would have spent teaching numerous programs for separate children.

We recommend that you combine programs whenever possible. This makes for less stress and more fun for both you and your children. Learn more about teaching multiple students with Sonlight (and how to order) here.

Your curriculum is customizable

Within each program we offer, there are numerous ways to make the schedule and curriculum fit your family's needs. If your child excels at reading, but still needs to cover vital areas of history, science, and math, they can continue to learn at the most suitable pace in all subjects — a satisfactory arrangement for both you and them. This is just one way we try to give you the freedom and flexibility you need to make sure your children get the most effective and efficient learning experience possible.

Please Recognize a Few Important Facts:

  • The programs do increase in difficulty. Check out the Sonlight Scope and Sequence to see this progression across all subjects.
  • If the age difference between your students is too great, you may be best served combining two programs that cover the same period of history. Please chat with an Advisor to figure out to make this work best for your family.
  • You know your children and yourself better than we ever will, so choose the programs that will work best for your situation, students, and schedule.
  • You can contact one of our experienced Homeschool Advisors to discuss the best options for your unique situation at any time. We're here for you!

Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum Levels

Browse the various curriculum level packages below. We recommend starting with one of our History / Bible / Literature (HBL) programs and then adding on additional subjects (language arts, math, science, hands-on, electives) to complete your year. Or, get everything you need in one convenient package by ordering an All-Subjects Package.