Homeschool Vocabulary Curriculum

Homeschool vocabulary curriculum exercises ensure students are able to comprehend what they read.

Sonlight Curriculum has incorporated natural language learning-oriented vocabulary development exercises in our Instructor's Guides.

However, if you lack the time to work with your children on the Read-Aloud exercises, prefer the feeling of security that a workbook-oriented program can provide, or sense your children require additional help in this area, we offer—and schedule—the following optional texts in our Language Arts and Literature/Language Arts Instructor's Guides.

The K family SonlightersThe K family Sonlighters

Homeschool Vocabulary Programs

Wordly WiseWordly Wise

Wordly Wise

Students learn hundreds of new words while they build reading, writing, and thinking skills. As they read in context, apply meanings in different situations, and answer comprehension questions using complete sentences, they make these words their own. 

Vocabulary from Classical RootsVocabulary from Classical Roots

Vocabulary from Classical Roots

These books teach modern English words based on their Latin and Greek roots. By learning the roots, one learns much about the meanings of whole families of English words. Very helpful for life and the SAT test.

Word Power Made EasyWord Power Made Easy

Word Power Made Easy

The complete handbook for building a superior vocabulary. Vocabulary study at its finest. Descriptive definitions with Latin and Greek roots make word lists easy to memorize and incorporate in daily speech. True/False questions and matching exercises make the lessons enjoyable.