Homeschool Electives & Enrichment

Once you've picked out your essential homeschool subjects, add some additional enrichment that's both fun and educational. Sonlight offers a wide range of electives, enrichment products, and hands-on activities to round out your school year.

Electives are a great addition to your All-Subjects Package or History / Bible / Literature program. Simply choose from the options below for a complete electives program or individual products that will work for your family.

Sonlight Homeschool ElectivesSonlight Homeschool Electives


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Sonlight offers complete electives programs for Kindergarten through High School.


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Add to your homeschool with individual electives resources, including arts & crafts, computer programming, STEM activities, music, great books, and more.

Homeschool Electives Programs

Sonlight Homeschool Electives

Give your children a carefully-selected, broad range of Electives experiences with pre-assembled packages. Choose the program that aligns with the History / Bible / Literature level your student is using this year. 


Preschool Art SuppliesPreschool Art Supplies

Art Supplies

Develop motor skills and creativity with child scissors, construction paper, and crayons.

 Included in the Sonlight Preschool package (Level T). 

Electives KElectives K

Electives K

Ensure a well-rounded education with music appreciation, logic games, and more. 

Electives AElectives A

Electives A

Broaden your children's education with art appreciation and physical education. 

Electives BElectives B

Electives B

Help your children explore new interests with art curriculum and classical music favorites. 

Electives CElectives C

Electives C

Ensure a well-rounded education with art and classical music resources. 

Electives DElectives D

Electives D

Introduce your child to the orchestra while you develop their critical thinking skills.

Electives EElectives E

Electives E

Help your children discover their gifts in music and drawing. 

Electives FElectives F

Electives F

Help your children explore new interests with art curriculum and build important skills with Typing Instructor. 

Electives GElectives G

Electives G

Ensure a well-rounded education with classical music appreciation and an online computer technology course.

Electives WElectives W

Electives W

Help your children develop an appreciation for art and music. 

Electives HElectives H

Electives H

Broaden your children's education with art curriculum, art appreciation, and classical music resources. 

Electives 100Electives 100

Electives 100

Help your children explore new interests with an introduction to logic and art history. 

Electives 200Electives 200

Electives 200

Ensure a well-rounded education with high school level art curriculum and a practical introduction to personal finance. 

Electives 300Electives 300

Electives 300

Help your children discover their gifts with critical thinking tools and a C# computer programming course.

Electives 400Electives 400

Electives 400

Broaden your high schooler's education  with public speaking and design principles. 

Homeschool Electives Materials

Looking for specific electives? Shop electives resources by subject. 

Arts & Crafts ElectivesArts & Crafts Electives

Arts & Crafts

Art is important to the development of all children. Explore products that build art appreciation and art skills, as well as craft projects and art supplies. 

Computer Programming ElectivesComputer Programming Electives

Computer Science/Programming

No teacher expertise required! Coding develops problem solving skills, requires creativity, and opens career opportunities in the future.

Critical Thinking ElectivesCritical Thinking Electives

Critical Thinking

Shop critical thinking books, activities, and games for all ages and developmental stages. 

Driver's EdDriver's Ed

Driver's Ed

Online course and a structured, easy-to-follow guide to help you and your teen develop safe, collision-free driving habits. 

Foreign Language ElectivesForeign Language Electives

Foreign Language

It's recommended that students begin learning a foreign language by 6th grade or sooner. Great intellectual exercise!

Games & ActivitiesGames & Activities

Games & Activities

Learning can be fun with puzzles, games, and activities for homeschoolers young and old. 

Hands-On History ElectivesHands-On History Electives

Hands-On History

Bring learning to life with hands-on history projects and lap books. Ideal for kinesthetic learners!



Find health and physical education resources to help you get the most out of your homeschool journey. 

High School / Colleg PrepHigh School / Colleg Prep

High School / College Prep

Prepare your students for ongoing success. Career planning, economics, and more. 

History / Geography ElectivesHistory / Geography Electives

History / Geography

History and geography play an important role in Sonlight's curriculum. Shop games and resources to expand your family's knowledge even further. 

Just Great BooksJust Great Books

Just Great Books

Sonlight curriculum is built on great books. Add to your library with these favorites. 

Life SkillsLife Skills

Life Skills

Critical thinking, public speaking, typing, and more. Practical life skills. 

STEM / STEAM ElectivesSTEM / STEAM Electives

Early Learning Resources

Early childhood homeschool activities and resources.

Math AdventuresMath Adventures

Math Adventures

Make math an adventure! Young children learn math best if they have fun while they are doing it. This series approaches math as an experience that is playful and relatable. 

Memory BookMemory Book

Memory Book 

Capture today's homeschool and family memories in a document you will cherish for years to come. 

Music ElectivesMusic Electives


Use music as a memory aid, add music appreciation to your homeschool, or learn to play an instrument. 

History Coloring Books

Browse our collection of educational history coloring books and coloring with sticker books.

STEM / STEAM ElectivesSTEM / STEAM Electives


Resources for your problem solvers, future engineers, and science lovers. 

Summer Readers Summer Readers

Summer Readers

Encourage your children to read all year long with carefully-selected, age-appropriate readers. 

Afterschooling Enrichment

Supplement your child’s public school education or add resources to supplement your remote learning program.

Summer Fun PacksSummer Fun Packs

Summer Fun Packs

Keep young brains busy this summer with brainteasers, workbooks, and activities. Find the perfect summer fun pack for any age…from your little learners to high schoolers.

Additional Information

Keep students of all ages fully engaged during learning, while making your homeschool day even more enjoyable with electives including arts & crafts, computer programming, STEM activities, music, great books, and much more.

Three Reasons to Use Homeschool Electives
Homeschool Electives for High School
Three Reasons to Use Homeschool Electives
Homeschool Electives for High School