Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum Level 400
Ages 17-18 | Grades 11-12

Sonlight's Level 400 homeschool program includes two 18-week Sonlight courses in one, which together make Sonlight’s American Government / Civics and Economics 420 course. Designed for ages 17-18 (grades 11-12), this level looks at how our government works and why it works as it does. And additionally offers students a balanced, critical view of modern economics, from basic theory to politics and trade. It also seeks to look at God's perspective.

Choose an All-Subjects Package to get everything you need for one school year in one easy order or build your curriculum package by subject using our recommendations below.

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Level 400 All-Subjects Package

Get everything you need to homeschool one student for one school year with an All-Subjects Package. All-Subjects Packages include all subjects and materials (Instructor's Guide, history, Bible, geography, Literature, language arts, math, and science). Starting with this upper-level program, courses are designed for more independent study. Each high school-level course includes both a Parent Guide and a separate Student Guide for History/Bible and Literature and Language Arts.

A Sonlight All-Subjects Package is your complete homeschool year, all ready-to-go and includes a 20% off retail discount too! Customize using our SmoothCourseTM curriculum builder tool.

Sonlight's 12th Grade All-Subjects Package, American Government and Economics - Homeschool CurriculumSonlight's 12th Grade All-Subjects Package, American Government and Economics - Homeschool Curriculum


12th Grade Curriculum

All-Subjects Package 400

Government history and current practices.

Title: American Government and Economics
Age Range: 17-18

Level 400 Subjects

Put together a customized program for your student with our Level 400 recommendations by subject below. Start with a History / Bible / Literature (HBL) program and then add on additional subjects (language arts, science, math, electives) to complete your year. Check out our SmoothCourseTM curriculum builder tool to add all subjects in one easy step!

History / Bible / Literature 400

History / Bible / Literature 400 - American Government and Economics - 12th Grade Homeschool CurriculumHistory / Bible / Literature 400 - American Government and Economics - 12th Grade Homeschool Curriculum


American Government and Economics

History / Bible / Literature 400

Unearth the heritage and history of the U.S. government.

Age Range: 17-18
Grade Range: 11-12

Science 450

Science 450  - High School Physics  - 12th Grade Homeschool Science CurriculumScience 450  - High School Physics  - 12th Grade Homeschool Science Curriculum

High School Physics

Science 450

High-school level physics course. Includes experiments and a unique Sonlight schedule.

Age Range: 17-18
Grade Range: 11-12

Level 400 Virtual Courses

Add a seat to a Sonlight Virtual Course to your All-Subjects Package and get 24/7 access. You may also purchase a seat for an Online Course individually.

Sonight Virtual - Level 430 (American Literature)Sonight Virtual - Level 430 (American Literature)

Sonight Virtual - Level 430 

American Literature

Age Range: 17-18+
Grade Range: 11-12

Math Packages

Choose from a variety of math programs suited to ages 17-18 below.

Optional Language Arts Resources

Mix & Match Homeschool High School Courses

Prefer to build your own customized curriculum? Sonlight meets the needs of homeschooling high school students with a thorough catalog of robust high school courses, ideal for students in grades 9-12. As in a traditional high school course catalog, you can choose between a variety of courses to create your students' schedule. 

Mix-and-match from individual courses (five History / Bible courses and six Literature / Language Arts (English) courses to make the best program for your students. Add science, math, and electives for a complete course of study. Follow the steps below to choose individual courses according to your student's specific needs and preferences. Check out all of Sonlight's mix & match high school courses here.

Sonlight's High School Mix & Match Homeschool Courses - Homeschool High School Curriculum
Mix & Match Sonlight's High School Homeschool CurriculumMix & Match Sonlight's High School Homeschool Curriculum