Timeline Figures

Timelines offer children a visual representation of what they are studying in history. Students can quickly see how events and historical figures relate chronologically. Sonlight's Timeline Book paired with program-specific Timeline Figures make creating your own timeline easy and delightful.

Even better: Your Sonlight All-Subjects Package or History / Bible / Literature program comes with an applicable set of Timeline Figures. Get additional copies below.

Sonlight Curriculum Timeline Figures

Over 700 images with captions of historical events and individuals on peel-n-stick paper. Each set included in Sonlight K-J matches what you are studying in history. Just cut them out, color and stick them in your Timeline Book. Simple and effective!

  1. Josef Stalin (1879-1953); dictator of the Soviet Union.
  2. Vasco da Gama (1460-1524); starting the first all-water trade route between Europe and India in 1497.
  3. Sputnik; launched in 1957 by the Russians, the first man-made satellite in space.
  4. An Incan stone carving from the late 15th century.
  5. Ponce de Leon (1460?-1521); the seeker of the fabled "Fountain of Youth".

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