Sonlight Read-Alouds

The powerful stories found in our Read-Alouds are certain to create discussion, engage young minds, and cultivate learning for the whole family. 

Read-Aloud stories are quality literary works that you read to your children. Read-aloud books for children have several functions within Sonlight. Among them:

  • To introduce your children to great literature that is beyond their personal reading capacity.
  • To develop within your children a life-long love of reading. (Even though they may not be able to read a good book on their own, when you read great literature to them, it creates a thirst to read. They begin to think, "I love books! One day I'm going to read books like this!")
  • To expand your children's vocabulary.
  • To build listening skills--including the ability to visualize the meaning of spoken words.
  • To develop an "ear" for good oral reading.
  • To develop oral reading skills. (Having heard quality oral reading done by you, your children will imitate you. And,
  • To give you and your children a context for sharing mutually significant times together.

Read-Alouds are part of the literature in your Sonlight program and are already included in your History / Bible / Literature program or All-Subjects Package

Homeschool Read-Alouds

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    Read-Alouds K
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    Read-Alouds A
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    Read-Alouds B
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    Read-Alouds C
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    Read-Alouds D