Homeschool Grammar Curriculum

Many parents (and teachers) have the impression that a study of grammar will improve a person's ability to write. And so they seek to put their children through the paces of rigorous grammar study.

While there are a few basic grammatical rules that every student needs to know (for example, rules about the correct use of commas and periods, or the placement of capital letters at the beginning of sentences), intensive grammar study is actually more valuable in areas other than writing. Its primary benefit comes in the form of language analysis (figuring out, for example, why a sentence fails to communicate accurately) and communication about language – a most valuable asset not only when you're discussing a piece of literature or a paper you're writing, but also when you're trying to learn a foreign language.

Intensive grammar for homeschoolers goes beyond identifying nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs. It gets into such matters as relative and subordinate clauses, predicates and participles, gerunds, and infinitives.

Sonlight GrammarSonlight Grammar
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Sonlight offers complete grammar programs for 4th Grade and up, including The Grammar Ace and Grammar 5 and 6. 

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Add to your grammar program with a variety of materials, including Schoolhouse Rock, Keys to Good Language, and Winston Grammar. 

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Supplement your grammar program with extra activity sheets for additional students.

Homeschool Grammar Programs

Establish a solid foundation for effective writing with Sonlight's unique approach to grammar. Sonlight introduces key grammar "gems" gradually, in the context of your children's daily reading and writing within the Sonlight Language Arts program.

The Grammar AceThe Grammar Ace

The Grammar Ace

All the practical grammar your student needs, in one set-your-own-pace program. The Instructional Manual is packed with examples, answers and other teaching help. Includes a consumable workbook.

Scheduled as optional in Sonlight Language Arts D.

Grade Range: 4-7

The Grammar Ace Package with DVDThe Grammar Ace Package with DVD

The Grammar Ace Package with DVD

This version of the program also includes the Grammar Rock portion of the Schoolhouse Rock DVD animated educational songs. 

Grade Range: 4-7

Grammar 5Grammar 5

Grammar 5 Set

Have you finished The Grammar Ace but still got the grammar blues? 

This program helps students gain mastery of grammatical concepts and build writing skills through 72 self-directed lessons. Let the straightforward (and engaging) explanations and exercises abound.

Grade Range: 5-8

Grammar 6Grammar 6

Grammar 6 Set

Have you finished The Grammar Ace and Grammar 5?

Count on Grammar 6 to lead your students deeper into the wonderful intricacies of nouns and verbs, sentence structure and diction.

Grade Range: 6-8

Homeschool Grammar Materials

Looking for additional grammar help? Shop supplemental grammar materials. 

Schoolhouse RockSchoolhouse Rock

Schoolhouse Rock

Reinforce grammar, science, math, history and more with these animated sing-alongs. Help kids learn adverbs, interjections, conjunctions, prepositions and more.

Keys to Good LanguageKeys to Good Language

Keys to Good Language

These workbooks combine a wide variety of activities that familiarize students with the mechanics of writing, including proper capitalization, punctuation, word usage, parts of speech, and sentence and paragraph development.

Winston Grammar Homeschool Grammar CurriculumWinston Grammar Homeschool Grammar Curriculum

Winston Grammar

Scheduled as an optional part of several Language Arts levels, this program uses manipulatives-based teaching methods to cover all the parts of speech, noun functions, prepositional phrases, and principles of modification. It provides an excellent introduction to sentence diagramming.


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Visit our online store to shop individual grammar products. Teaching multiple students or reusing a program? Visit the store to add extra activity sheets, workbooks and consumables.

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