Pre-Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

Just think, while you are cuddling on the couch reading aloud with your kids you are actually laying the foundation for the rest of their lives. When you laugh with your children doing skill-building hands-on activities together, you are making connections not only with the materials you are studying, but, with your children's understanding of what education looks like. This is Sonlight's idea of Pre-Kindergarten.

Sonlight Pre-Kindergarten Homeschool CurriculumSonlight Pre-Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum

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Nurture a love of learning for a lifetime.

Sonlight's Pre-Kindergarten homeschool curriculum takes the fear out of teaching and gives you the tools you need to succeed. You'll get just one package and inside will be everything you need for your Pre-K child to succeed in developing motor skills, visual acuity, exceptional auditory skills, and comprehension.

You'll build meaningful relationships and delightful memories with your children. You'll teach alphabet sounds and verbal skills, and work through four sequential workbooks dedicated to reading readiness, so your children will be ready for phonics next year. You'll give your children a basic understanding of the physical world around them through fundamental science concepts and prepare your children with broad foundations in Bible, art, and history.

In addition to the myriad of books you will read to your children, these components add up to a wonderfully delightful Pre-Kindergarten program that helps you give your children what they need to grow. Your children will develop key life skills, both cognitive and developmental—with new hands-on Montessori-type materials and activities all designed to address the developmental needs of young children in a fun, relaxed, and interactive environment.

Finish Pre-K with great memories, a closer relationship with your children, significant improvements in fundamental skills, and the spark for a lifelong love for learning that will continue to grow in the Sonlight years ahead.

Because you'll teach with real books, every Sonlight program works with a range of ages and allows you to teach multiple children together.

View the full curriculum scope & sequence for additional information. 

History / Bible / Literature PreK - Exploring God's World - Pre-Kindergarten Homeschool CurriculumHistory / Bible / Literature PreK - Exploring God's World - Pre-Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum


Exploring God's World

History / Bible / Literature Pre-K

Nurture a love of learning with entertaining stories from around the globe.

Age Range: 4-5
Grade: Pre-K

What's Included

Pre-Kindergarten Lesson Plans - Sonlight Instructor's GuidePre-Kindergarten Lesson Plans - Sonlight Instructor's Guide

Lesson Plans

Your Pre-K Sonlight Instructor's Guide takes an active role in helping you teach. This year, you'll find a daily homeschool schedule as well as helpful notes and teaching tips. Even with a more structured schedule, your Pre-K program still provides a gentle introduction to formal learning, giving you plenty of time to relax with your children as they learn. With everything planned out for you in a flexible layout, you can focus on your children and enjoy your time with them, and skip the time-consuming planning part. You'll be able to see how a schedule brings freedom to your homeschool days, as it can provide a framework for when to do school, and what to cover.

Pre-Kindergarten HistoryPre-Kindergarten History


Pre-K starts to expand your children's knowledge of the larger world: they will be introduced to the world beyond your neighborhood. They will catch a glimpse of the variety of people and homes throughout the world, a sampling of jobs people do, and, how people lived in the past and now. Additionally, you can give your children a wonderful introduction to the Bible with the included Bible story book. Your children will be amazed as they learn about how God is working with the included missionary biographies and stories from around the world.

Pre-Kindergarten Read-AloudsPre-Kindergarten Read-Alouds


Studies show attitudes, fears, hopes and values are strongly influenced by story. Whether they are the stories you tell, or stories in books, stories are one of the ways that children learn to enjoy reading. In fact, the single greatest predictor of children's future success is how much they are read to as children. Reading aloud to your children greatly increases their vocabulary and attention span. Basic children's books contain a much wider vocabulary than most college-educated adults use in normal speech. Watch your children effortlessly learn the words they need to know through your reading.

Reading and telling stories to your child can become a very special sharing time. It helps your children to learn to love books and to develop a sense of being a lovable person. Many children remember their story times for the rest of their lives.

Pre-Kindergarten Language Arts & PhonicsPre-Kindergarten Language Arts & Phonics

Pre-Kindergarten Language Arts & Phonics

This year your children will begin to learn the sounds of the alphabet and expand their vocabulary. You and your children will focus on one letter per week in Dr. Seuss's ABC's and First Thousand Words. Throughout the week, your letter will continue to reappear in stories, art, and activities. This is the first step to learning to read--recognizing the sounds of letters. You'll get a variety of fun practice and reinforcement that's necessary for phonics progression appropriate to your child's age and development. With Sonlight's Pre-Kindergarten Language Arts, you are laying the foundation for early reading.

Alternative option to Pre-Kindergarten Language Arts (for children who are ready to read)

However, if your child is showing signs of already being ready to learn to read, we offer an alternative.

If your student is ready to move beyond basic letter-recognition/letter-sounds and is ready to learn to read, consider getting the Pre-Kindergarten program with Readers. This comes with a complete Phonics K program.

The more advanced level of readers combined with the Language Arts K will take the place of the Pre-Kindergarten Language Arts.

Pre-Kindergarten SciencePre-Kindergarten Science


Children learn best by doing so we've selected tactile materials that are especially effective for reinforcing pre-writing, pre-reading, and pre-math skills. The pre-kindergarten program includes Montessori-type materials and activities that are hands-on, self-paced, and confidence-building. The included pre-kindergarten supply kit includes an assortment of hands-on learning materials in one convenient, sturdy cardboard box. 

Sonlight’s pre-k program embraces a nurturing learning environment where you create fond memories, build meaningful and intimate relationships, and prepare your children for a lifetime of learning... all while developing your children's reading readiness, cognitive and developmental skills.

Pre-Kindergarten SciencePre-Kindergarten Science


Science, in its most basic definition, means "pursuing knowledge." With Sonlight's Pre-K Science your children will learn about life on a farm, seasons, weather, the ocean, simple machines, plants, animals and more. Perfectly targeted to this age group, your children learn science principles through vivid illustrations: from how a lever lifts, to how camouflage helps animals, to how scuba divers explore the depths of the ocean.

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