Homeschool History & Geography Curriculum

History is the centerpiece of Sonlight's homeschool curriculum. If you're looking for supplemental materials to add to your homeschool, use the following games, books, and resources to expand your family's knowledge and have fun at the same time. Or, keep reading to learn more about the role history & geography play in Sonlight's curriculum. 

Sonlight's Homeschool History & Geography ResourcesSonlight's Homeschool History & Geography Resources

Homeschool History & Geography Materials

Homeschool History Coloring BooksHomeschool History Coloring Books

History Coloring Books

Supplement your learning and keep busy hands occupied with our collection of educational history coloring books.

Homeschool History & Geography ResourcesHomeschool History & Geography Resources

Geography Resources

Learn about geography through maps, songs, charts, timelines, puzzles, and more.

Note: Geography is built into your Sonlight History / Bible / Literature and All-Subjects Packages. 



Learn about the United States—the cities, the states themselves, the national parks. 

Famous FiguresFamous Figures

Famous Figures

Hands-on history activity. Bring history to life with these fun and memorable articulated paper dolls of famous men and women of the past.

Markable Map and MarkersMarkable Map and Markers

Markable Map and Markers

Your whole family can enjoy discovering where things are geographically. With the world on one side and the U.S.A. on the other, this map shows you a lot of detail, including major political boundaries and rivers. The laminated surface lets you mark your map with grease pencils or water-based markers.

From the Blog

4 Low Cost Tools for Learning Geography the Natural Way4 Low Cost Tools for Learning Geography the Natural Way

4 Low Cost Tools for Learning Geography the Natural Way

Resources such as a markable map, geography songs, and puzzles make learning geography a seamless addition to your homeschool day. 

The Simple Power of Mapping with Literature-Based GeographyThe Simple Power of Mapping with Literature-Based Geography

The Simple Power of Mapping with Literature-Based Geography

Mapping is a deceptively simple teaching method. Although it take just minutes, it really works to teach kids geography. 

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