SWITCH to Sonlight and save $100 on your curriculum!SWITCH to Sonlight and save $100 on your curriculum!

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Thinking about switching to homeschool?
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Now is a Great Time
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You can teach your kids at home! A well-planned curriculum makes it so easy, and you can trust that you are giving your kids all the academics they need.

Is homeschooling right for me?

There is no easy, one-size-fits-all homeschool solution and every child is different, but Sonlight can help! Sonlight is a flexible, all-in-one homeschool curriculum that has guided thousands of families to start (and continue) homeschooling their children with ease and confidence for 30 years.

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Looking to switch to a homeschool curriculum you’ll love? Click here for a few tips that will help you decide when it’s time to change curriculum or stick with what you've got. Switching mid-year? No problem. Check out this resource on our blog to learn how to make a mid-year switch to homeschooling.

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Chat with a Sonlight Advisor for basic tips and ideas to begin homeschooling, or switching permanently. We can help you navigate the process with everything from weighing the pros and cons to choosing a curriculum.

Save up to $100 on your curriculum purchase when you SWITCH:

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  • Order a History / Bible / Literature program and save $50!
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greatest homeschooling decisions that we have ever made
Switching to Sonlight has proven to be one of the greatest homeschooling decisions that we have ever made. We have done Sonlight for five years now and I feel like all my children have learned more in these last five years than they have in all the other years combined. —Lacey D of Bennett, CO

What makes Sonlight so great?

Students love it.

From the moment I encountered the Sonlight educational philosophy – acknowledging a spirit of adventure, that the world is out there to be marveled at, enjoyed, explored and learned from – I knew this curriculum was the perfect fit for our family. We're first-time homeschoolers and were attracted to the literature-rich focus and Christian foundation. The global perspective and goal for children to gain a heart for God's work throughout the world aligned exactly with what we'd been searching for.

Melissa D of Grapevine, TX

Parents love it.

The true gift of Sonlight is that our children have developed an amazing love for learning everywhere we go. They are interested and excited to read and learn together. The quality time we have as a family and great talks that we share about the books we read are wonderful memories. I can't imagine our homeschooling without Sonlight.

William H of Berlin, MD

Great outcomes.

One of the best aspects of homeschooling is being able to learn together as a family. Even my younger kids love to sit and listen to Sonlight books. We talk about what we learned that day over dinner and I'm always impressed with how much each child has absorbed. We love being able to learn wherever we want to. We can read in a cozy bed or couch, we can enjoy perfect weather in our yard, or we can do it on the go when our days are a little crazy. Homeschooling has truly been a great decision for our family and Sonlight has been a fabulous curriculum choice!

Megan K of Waco, TX

Great support.

I love Sonlight because it does the planning for me! I don't have a teaching background and I was nervous about trying to pull together the right curriculum for my kids. Sonlight's Instructor's Guides with everything laid out day-by-day have been a lifesaver, and the notes they include have helped me become a better teacher. My kids get the benefit of a teacher who is confident and not always stressed out about lesson planning!

Abigail E of College Station, TX

Bigger picture worldview

With Sonlight, my daughter is learning to actually develop a Biblical worldview, not just recite one. This year, we've been thoughtfully and gently guided through an excellent balance of both light-hearted and difficult topics, through a mix of both secular and Christian resources. I love the way this emphasis on learning how to think from real-world resources (rather than re-written resources) mirrors real-world discernment and critical thinking skills.

Gina M of Orlando, FL

But does it work?

Absolutely. We've had Sonlight students go to Harvard and Stanford, and several military academies. Sonlighters get full-ride scholarships.

Not that all Sonlighters are academically inclined. But a comprehensive education equips students for whatever their next step in life may be.

For 30 years, Sonlight has been helping families just like yours to raise children to be critical-thinking ambassadors for Christ with a heart for the world.

Do you wish your homeschool could be like this?

Do you dream of a homeschool curriculum that…

  • seeks to help you teach your children wisdom and discernment, and the ability to think … rather than memorize a bunch of facts
  • will surprise you, as well as your children, with how much you can love learning … rather than relying on a bunch of worksheets that your children will endure
  • helps inspire you and your children with the stories of people who make a difference … rather than reading a few dry paragraphs with no stories at all
  • relies on the method of education that has worked for centuries … rather than using modern technology that consistently offers lower comprehension and retention1

If this sounds like you, now is the time for you to switch to Sonlight.

LOVING Sonlight!
First month of Sonlight done. Any chance someone would pinch me and I'd wake up from this dream??? We are absolutely LOVING Sonlight! We've homeschooled for 7 years with another curriculum, this is our first year with Sonlight and it's better than I hoped it would be. We are actually enjoying homeschool again! —Sarah S.

Will I love Sonlight?

Sonlight is not your average homeschool education.

Sonlight parents and students love their homeschool experience.

As a Sonlight homeschool family, you’ll grow close, talking and wondering, laughing and learning together. As you and your children walk together on this journey, we’ll give you the tools to prepare them for their future.

We guarantee you’ll love homeschooling with Sonlight.

With Sonlight's Love to Learn, Love to Teach™ Guarantee, you have a full year to use any complete Sonlight program. If, at any time, you realize Sonlight isn't working for you, return it for a full refund.

100 Reasons to Homeschool with Sonlight!

If you’re not content with how your children are doing school right now, don’t hesitate to jump ship and choose something new. Their childhood years are so brief that you don’t want to waste even a few months on a school, a curriculum, or a method of learning that isn’t serving them well.

Switch to Sonlight and give your children the education you’ve been dreaming  about—one where both you and the kids are happy.

Here are 100 reasons to make the plunge to homeschooling with Sonlight. And through January 31, 2023, you can save $100 on your curriculum purchase when you switch.

Will Sonlight be challenging enough? Is it too easy?

Listening to books and stories might sound like an easy way to do school—so much so that many students don't realize that their Sonlight books are school. But enjoyable and interesting are not the same as being easy. Listening to stories requires attention and comprehension, two qualities that are increasingly rare—and precious—in our digital age.

As students go through Sonlight programs, they learn to think, which is challenging enough for people of any age.

The Instructor's Guides (IGs) make your part, as instructor, simple. Each day, just open your IG and do the assignments listed.

Lesson plans organized for me!
I will never cease to praise Sonlight's easy-to-use Instructor's Guides. With an entire year of lesson plans conveniently organized and completed for me, the stress of preparation is completely eliminated, allowing more time to nurture my kids' blossoming passions. —Tanya S of Austin, TX

What if I can't teach?

If you can read, you can teach with Sonlight.

With the Sonlight Instructor's Guides, you don't need training or experience. Our award-winning guides turn stacks of books into a connected course of study, with daily schedules, discussion questions, notes, teaching tips, activities, and more. Simply open up and teach.

You can do this, whatever your educational background.

Need proof? Download a free Instructor's Guide sample and see for yourself what it's like to homeschool with Sonlight.

Download FREE Sonlight Instructor's Guide SamplesDownload FREE Sonlight Instructor's Guide Samples

Can I get help?

Absolutely. Sonlight Advisors are available year-round—free. An Advisor will help you choose the best program for your family's needs, and will continue to be available to help answer questions and offer support throughout your homeschool journey.

Additionally, Sonlight offers regular emails to encourage you on your journey, and an exceptional blog, filled with creative insights and helpful content. You'll also find support in the Sonlight Connections community and a dedicated group on Facebook just for first time Sonlight families... Plus, there's a huge network of Sonlight families just a hashtag away on social media (#sonlightstories) and in our App.

How do I switch?

Complete the form below and we'll email you a coupon for the program you're interested in.

Need help? Contact a Sonlight Advisor. These experienced homeschool moms will provide the confidence that you are making the best educational choices for your family. They are supportive and encouraging.

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If the Sonlight price tag is a bit of a stretch on your budget this month be sure to ask about a no fee, interest-free payment plan.


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Goodbye public school… hello Sonlight. The drama, the tears, the homework, life passing you by doesn’t have to be your normal. We chose a new normal. Our first year of using Sonlight was a breath of fresh air. My son started to enjoy the process of learning–he wanted to read–he started asking questions–he started thriving! Thank you Sonlight for providing a curriculum that not only encourages our children to love learning, but allows the parents to love it too!

Michelle C of Jacksonville, FL

We spent years in a great classical program that was overwhelming to me because it was so open-ended and had no weekly schedule or structure. I was left to have to find most of the subjects on my own. With 4 kids and a toddler I never knew what each kid was supposed to work on when, I was so overwhelmed! I needed someone to do all the planning for me. After a lot of prayer we decided to make a change mid-year and found Sonlight. I will never go back! Sonlight has been the answer to prayer, the plan, and the schedule that I desperately needed, and I now have a solid plan for each kid. I am so thankful!!

The K. family, Sonlighters from Carlos, MN

Last year we used a different program and to be honest, we struggled through it. This past year we chose Sonlight and we couldn’t be happier! The literature captured our attention and our hearts. I love watching my kids learn together. I love hearing their conversations and play expanded by what they’re learning. Thank you Sonlight for making this year so fun and easy.

The W family, Sonlighters from Dallas, GA

We pulled our daughter our of public school in the 3rd grade (her report card was all D’s). Now with Sonlight’s help, she graduated a year early, with honors and a college scholarship! Sonlight has made all the difference. Thank you Sonlight for an amazing and truly life changing journey.

Elizabeth C of Birmingham, AL

We're just a week in, and already loving our new Language Arts curriculum. I swore I would not be one of those moms who switched curriculum every other year so this switch was pretty hard for me to allow myself. But I'm so so glad we did. The first grade language arts we used with my first son was very frustrating for him and for me. Great job, Sonlight!

@nouvellemere #sonlightstories

Online curriculum wasn’t working for us, so we switched to Sonlight. It’s a much better fit for these kiddos! #homeschooldad

@clintzeller #sonlightstories

SWITCH to homeschooling with Sonlight!
You're guaranteed to love it.

Welcome to homeschooling with Sonlight. This is a great time to make a switch!

Whether you’re brand new to the concept of homeschooling, have been considering it for a while, considering a total redesign of your current homeschool, or are simply making a switch to a new curriculum, we’re excited to be on this journey with you. We will be with you every step of the way.

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New customers can save up to $100 on curriculum materials until Jan 31!*

*Switch discount valid for $100 off an All-Subjects Package, or $50 off a History / Bible / Literature package, or $20 off any Sonlight Science or Language Arts program. Discount cannot be combined with any other offer. Expires January 31, 2023. Valid one-time use. Only one coupon can be used per order. Valid for new Sonlight customers only. Not valid on previously processed orders or orders currently in process.

1. https://www.theguardian.com/books/2014/aug/19/readers-absorb-less-kindles-paper-study-plot-ereader-digitisation http://www.psyc.jmu.edu/ug/features/etextbooks.html http://insights.uksg.org/articles/10.1629/uksg.236/