Homeschooling Subjects: Shop Kits & Packages for All Grades

Sonlight is a complete, literature-based, Christian homeschool curriculum offering every subject for students from preschool through high school.

Choose your Sonlight curriculum in the 3 easy steps below. Sonlight offers literature-based homeschool subjects (Couch Subjects™) and skill-based homeschool subjects (Table Subjects™), all of which can be purchased in discounted packages or as separate homeschooling subjects.


To begin, use this curriculum shopping checklist to select a program according to your children's ages and interests. Aiming for the middle of the age/grade range is our best recommendation for choosing appropriate subjects for your homeschool.   

Simply following the three easy steps below. 

  1. Add your Couch Subjects
  2. Add your Table Subjects
  3. Add any additional subjects, electives or supplements

Or you can save time choosing your curriculum with Sonlight's easy-to-order All-Subjects Packages. Sonlight's All-Subjects Packages include your History / Bible / Literature program, plus handwriting (early grades), spelling (middle grades), language arts, math, and science. You get 36 weeks of fully planned instruction, including all required books and Sonlight's unmatched SonlightCares™ benefits.

All-Subjects Packages offer everything you need to teach one child, for one school year and you get it all at a 20% discount! Here's what it looks like to combine Couch and Table Subjects into an All-Subjects Package.

Couch Subjects™

Couch homeschool subjects are literature-based and developed for a range of ages that enable flexibility to teach various subjects and combine multiple students into one program. These subjects for homeschooling teach students content knowledge.

History / Bible / LiteratureHistory / Bible / Literature

History / Bible / Literature

Start by choosing a History / Bible / Literature program. As Sonlight’s flagship, the HBL programs include Bible, history, geography, and all required books, all connected with the award-winning Instructor’s Guides. Programs are available from preschool through high school.



Science programs are available from kindergarten to college-level lab sciences. (Preschool and PreK programs include science—it’s not a separate purchase.) Use the chart in this download to select a program according to your child’s age and interests.

Table Subjects™

Table subjects are developed to meet each student's individual ability. We offer placement tests to ensure students are properly placed. Each student should have their own program.



Handwriting Without Tears is included in our All-Subjects Packages for levels K-D. You can customize the level or substitute with A Reason for Handwriting or Getty-Dubay. Additional levels of all three programs are available here if you want your child to continue practicing handwriting.



Spelling is included in Sonlight Language Arts programs K through level 4. Spelling You See is included in our All-Subjects Packages for levels D-F. Customize for each student based on ability.

Language Arts Language Arts

Language Arts 

Sonlight Language Arts programs coordinate with HBL programs, and will walk you through how to teach your children all the vital skills they need to be good communicators. From phonics, letter formation and reading in the early grades, to writing instruction, grammar, spelling and all of the other skills that students need to communicate in adulthood. Take the free language arts assessment to find the right level for each of your students.



Choose from our large selection of math programs including Math-U-See, Horizons, Saxon, RightStart Math, and more. Choose the program that suits your student’s learning style and ability. Take a free math placement test and check out our handy comparison guide of available math programs.



In the lower levels, readers are chosen based on your child's reading skill level. In the upper levels, readers correlate with your child's History / Bible / Literature program. 

Additional Homeschool Subjects

Sonlight offers all subjects and all grades. From hands-on history projects, to lap books, to a wide range of electives and a number of optional resources and supplements, we off enrichment products to round out your school year choices. Choose from music, foreign language, STEM, college-prep, puzzles & games, just great books and more!


Electives & Enrichment

When you're ready for some extra enrichment, don't miss exciting options for electives. Art, music, foreign language, PE and practical life skills all help kids understand more about the world and themselves.

Hands-On HistoryHands-On History

Hands-On History

Bring your history studies to life with hands-on schooling projects and lap books. These hands-on, multi-sensory kits are ideal for kinesthetic learners and are specifically designed to complement Sonlight’s history programs.

Just Great BooksJust Great Books

Just Great Books

Sonlight was founded on the principle that great books make great libraries, and great libraries are the core of great education. Browse our selection of Summer Readers, Picture Books, Early Learning Resources, Book Collections and more.