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Sonlight's NEW Standards-Based Science Programs

When is the best time to buy?

Although your new school year may be months away, we think earlier is better when it comes to getting your new homeschool curriculum purchases squared away. Check out the calendar here to see the special offers you can expect to receive when you purchase your curriculum in March vs. April 2023.

Sonlight's NEW Standards-Based Science Programs

Build a Customized All-Subjects Package with the NEW ASP Bundle Feature

Our new website offers a new and easy way to build a customized All-Subjects Package. This feature allows you to add all of the components of an All-Subjects Package based on your family's individual needs and then you bundle to save 20% off retail.

This new feature uses the history course you've chosen to analyze your cart, prompts you to add the missing components of an All-Subjects Package, and then walks you through the steps to add everything you need to create a custom All-Subjects Package.

You must have either a History / Bible / Literature or High School History / Bible and High School Literature / Language Arts course for the bundle tool to work. Once the qualifying history course has been added to your cart, you'll automatically see the bundle tool in your cart. Watch the short video below for an in-depth demo. If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Service or Advisor team and we'll walk you through it.

Sonlight's NEW Standards-Based Science Programs

Levels K & A History / Bible Switch

Effective March 30, 2023, the history and Bible programs will be switched for Levels K and A. Level K will now include the history and Bible previously included in Level A (World Cultures) and Level A will now include the history and Bible previously included in Level K (American History). Same amazing curriculum, just swapped to improve student placement and better reflect the age-appropriateness of each level. 

If you purchased Level K last year and wonder what that means for your level A curriculum purchase this year, please see the following guidelines. 

We are confident that these changes will serve your family well and improve your student placement as you plan for the coming school year.

Sonlight Homeschool Advisors are available if you have questions about what to purchase for your upcoming school year. They are prepared to walk through your order with you and ensure you’ve got exactly what you need for a successful new homeschool year.

Level K, Exploring American History is now Level K, Intro to the World: Cultures (effective March 30, 2023)Level K, Exploring American History is now Level K, Intro to the World: Cultures (effective March 30, 2023)
Level K, Exploring American History is now Level K, Intro to the World: Cultures (effective March 30, 2023)
Level A, Intro to the World: Cultures is now Level A, Exploring American History (effective March 30, 2023)Level A, Intro to the World: Cultures is now Level A, Exploring American History (effective March 30, 2023)
Level A, Intro to the World: Cultures is now Level A, Exploring American History (effective March 30, 2023)


The changes to Levels K and A will take place on 3/30/23. If making your curriculum purchase prior to 3/30, just purchase the next level in the sequence as you normally would from our website.

Intro to the World: Cultures, History / Bible / Literature AIntro to the World: Cultures, History / Bible / Literature A
Intro to the World: Cultures—History / Bible / Literature A
1st Grade Curriculum—All-Subjects Package A1st Grade Curriculum—All-Subjects Package A
1st Grade Curriculum—All-Subjects Package A


To continue your homeschool journey with Sonlight’s intended history progression—and not repeat American History—you will need to purchase your choice of the following 2022 Level A packages. 

Intro to the World: Cultures, History / Bible / Literature A (2022 Version)Intro to the World: Cultures, History / Bible / Literature A (2022 Version)
Intro to the World: Cultures—History / Bible / Literature A (2022 Version)
1st Grade Curriculum—All-Subjects Package A (2022 Version)1st Grade Curriculum—All-Subjects Package A (2022 Version)
1st Grade Curriculum—All-Subjects Package A (2022 Version)

Below you will find the 2022 Level K, American History, packages.

Exploring American History—History / Bible / Literature K (2022 Version)Exploring American History—History / Bible / Literature K (2022 Version)
Exploring American History—History / Bible / Literature K (2022 Version)
Kindergarten Curriculum—All-Subjects Package K (2022 Version)Kindergarten Curriculum—All-Subjects Package K (2022 Version)
Kindergarten Curriculum—All-Subjects Package K (2022 Version)

Updated Scope and Sequence

With the changes to Levels K & A, and the addition of our new science program, the Science Scope & Sequence has changed. 

Online Instructor's Guides

Learn more about Sonlight Online Instructor's GuidesLearn more about Sonlight Online Instructor's Guides

Beginning March 30 you can purchase a digital version of your Instructor’s Guide and get 24/7 online access!

Both parents and students will have access to lesson plans, daily schedules, notes and more. Upload completed assignments and worksheets, mark what you’ve completed, and simplify
your recordkeeping—all online!

Learn more about the new Online Instructor's Guides.

Shop all Online Instructor's Guides.

Standards-Based Science Programs, Levels K-E

Sonlight's NEW Standards-Based Science Programs

NEW Sonlight Science eNEW Sonlight Science e

Sonlight’s popular Level E program is completely new and redesigned. Joining Levels K-D—these science programs now adhere to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)1. In total, Sonlight Science levels K-E now combine our signature literature-based style of learning using the standards-based approach of learning through application.

Sonlight's new science programs will prepare your children to become future scientists by training them to think scientifically. Beyond studying classic scientific topics, Sonlight Science creates a learning environment in which students can gain the skills and practices used by scientists and engineers to answer questions, solve problems, and innovate and improve their own designed solutions.

In addition, each level becomes more interconnected as brand-new hands-on experiments now tie directly to the rest of the content. Each weekly experiment helps bring to life the scientific content read each week. Sonlight’s great books provide the context, while the experiments help students apply scientific practices and principles to the topics they read about each week.

Now you have even more assurance that Sonlight Science provides an outstanding science education—at home.

1https://www.nextgenscience.org/voices-of-support NGSS is a registered trademark of Achieve. Neither Achieve nor the lead states and partners that developed the Next Generation Standards were involved in the production of this product, and do not endorse it.

Learn more about the new Sonlight Science Programs

Shop the Level E program.

NEW Poetry Notes

We love listening to our customers and for many years have received feedback asking for a starting point when discussing poetry. This year we added notes to levels A, D, E, D+E, G, W, J, 130, and 530 so that all History / Bible / Literature programs now have poetry notes to direct your discussions. We will also include elements of analyzing poems (meter, rhyme, forms of poems, etc.) so that students are exposed to those elements. We still want poetry reading to be light and fun and trust these new notes will help you to enjoy, delight in, and think critically about the poems you read together.

Discover even more ways to help students enjoy poetry on our blog.

High School Literature Updates

As in the lower levels, High School Literature/Language Arts levels 130 through 630 now include rubrics to help you evaluate your students’ performance, big-picture explanations, and overview summaries for each week. Additionally, the team edited and clarified each Creative Expression assignment, and added SAT preparation assignments to match the new essay section of the SAT.

Shop High School Literature/Language Arts Courses here.

NEW Butterfly Unit Study

Sonlight Butterfly Unit StudySonlight Butterfly Unit Study

Butterflies are such beautiful and interesting creatures! In this new unit study students will experience different activities that include science, art, geography, writing, vocabulary, and even crafts and snacks! Students will build a lap book to record all they learn about—from facts about host plants, to camouflage, metamorphosis and more. They will also create a butterfly habitat and raise caterpillars into butterflies. 

Get the Butterfly Unit Study here.

Discover all of Sonlight's Unit Studies & Free Downloads here.

Level 100 Update

Sonlight Level 100 - American History for High SchoolSonlight Level 100 - American History for High School

History/Bible Level 120 received an overall refresh with multiple new titles and a brand-new spine. In true Sonlight fashion, the new spine makes American History come alive. American greats like Washington, Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Reagan leap off the pages of this gripping account. From the Revolution to the Civil War; progressive to civil rights reforms; the fall of the Berlin Wall and global Communism to the attacks of 9/11, our nation's history is meticulously cataloged.

Shop Sonlight Level 120.

Homeschool Events—Online & In-Person

Sonlight Virtual and In-Person Events

Did you know Sonlight is on the road—in-person and virtually this year? We'd love to connect with you at an upcoming homeschool convention or virtual event to help and encourage you in your homeschool journey, or even help with your curriculum decisions.

Join us throughout the year as we bring together veteran homeschoolers, Sonlight Homeschool Advisors, homeschooling experts, curriculum creators, and Sonlight founder and president, Sarita Holzmann for several online events—you don't have to leave the couch! These virtual events give you the opportunity to connect and learn alongside fellow homeschoolers and experts. You'll get everything from practical homeschooling advice, real-world homeschooling experiences, encouragement, tips to enrich your homeschool, and even tools to decide if homeschooling is right for your family.

Learn more about our upcoming events here.

Updated Timeline Book

Sonlight's Hands-On Timeline Book

A long-time staple of our History / Bible / Literature program, The Timeline Book receives an exciting facelift this year. Check out the new cover below! Note, the inside pages did not change.

See the new Timeline Book.

NEW Books & Bible Update

From time to time titles go out of print, we replace a book, or add titles to a level. We think Christian children need to be prepared to defend their faith, now more than ever, so book changes this year include the addition of more books on apologetics. We want children to face these questions and formulate answers while they are with their parents, who can guide their understanding. History / Bible / Literature levels C, B+C, D, D+E, F, G, H, W, J, 100, 200, and 300 receive these new titles.

History / Bible / Literature levels K, A, D, and 100 also have new books.

If you're planning to re-use a Sonlight level later with a younger child, or simply want the new books and updated Instructor's Guide, you can upgrade your existing Instructor's Guide for 50% off! 

Make sure you have the latest books and Instructor’s Guides. Sonlight’s repurchase discount makes upgrading easy and cost-effective so you can enjoy all of the improvements and upgrades available since your last time through the program.

Book Replacements & Updates for 2023

Level Removed Added
K One Year Bible for Children (moved to level A) Egermeier's Bible Story Book
Sing the Word! Teach Me Your Path (moved to level A) Sing the Word! From A to Z
Granny Han's Breakfast (moved to level A) Wild Places
Heroes and Happenings Vol. 1 (moved to level A) Living Long Ago
Heroes and Happenings Vol. 2 (moved to level A) The Usborne Internet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia
Abandoned on the Wild Frontier (moved to level A) Out of Darkness
Timeline Figures - K (moved to level A) Timeline Figures - A
Maps and Globes (moved to level A) Game On in Ancient Greece
George vs. George (moved to level A) The Good News Must Go Out
How We Crossed the West (moved to level A)  Return of the White Book
The Very First Americans (moved to level A) Create a Calendar
The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal (moved to level A) Mary on Horseback
Three Young Pilgrims (moved to level A) Johnny Appleseed: The Story of a Legend
The New York Colony (moved to level A)  
Your Life as a Settler in Colonial America (moved to level A)  
Civil War on Sunday (moved to level A)  
A Egermeier's Bible Story Book (moved to level K) One Year Bible for Children
Sing the Word! From A to Z (moved to level K) Sing the Word! Teach Me Your Paths
Wild Places (moved to level K) Granny Han's Breakfast
Living Long Ago (moved to level K) Heroes and Happenings Vol. 1
The Usborne Internet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia (moved to level K) Heroes and Happenings Vol. 2
Out of Darkness (moved to level K) Abandoned on the Wild Frontier
Timeline Figures - A (moved to level K) Timeline Figures - K
Game On in Ancient Greece (moved to level K) Maps and Globes
The Good News Must Go Out (moved to level K) George vs. George
Return of the White Book (moved to level K) How We Crossed the West: The Adventures
Create a Calendar (moved to level K) The Very First Americans
  The Amazing Impossible Erie Canal
  Three Young Pilgrims
  The New York Colony
  Your Life as a Settler in Colonial America
  Civil War on Sunday (Magic Tree House)
C   The Discoverer's Bible
  Talking With Your Kids About Jesus
B+C   The Discoverer's Bible
  Talking With Your Kids About Jesus
D The Discoverer's Bible (moved to levels B+C and C) Talking With Your Kids About God
The Bill of Rights (A True Book) The Bill of Rights: Why it Matters to You
E Usborne Science Encyclopedia Case For Kids
Discover & Do, Level 4 (DVD) How to Be Good at Science, Technology & Engineering
The Usborne Internet-Linked Mysteries and Marvels of Science Water
Electricity and Magnetism Listening to Crickets: A Story About Rachel Carson
TOPS 32—Electricity National Geographic How Things Work
TOPS 33—Magnetism Discover & Do: Science Supplies Kit E
Usborne Complete Book of the Microscope (Internet-Linked Version) Discover & Do: Level E Science Experiments
Light & Color Discover & Do: Level E Experiments Paper Packet
F Case For Kids (moved to Level E) The Radical Book for Kids: Exploring the Roots and Shoots of Faith
G   Prayer Refresh
H Live Like a Jesus Freak: Spend Today as if it Were Your Last The Purpose Driven Life
How to Stay Christian in High School Keeping Your Kids on God's Side
Daring to Live on the Edge  
W   Prayer Refresh
J Finding Truth (moved to level 100) The Case for the Creator
100 The Bible Study Sampler Finding Truth
God's Will, God's Best What's So Amazing About Grace
Evidence for Jesus: Discover the Facts that Prove the Truth of the Bible America: The Last Best Hope (One-Volume Edition)
A History of US Constance: A Story of Early Plymouth
The Boy’s War: Confederate and Union Soldiers Talk About the Civil War The Many Reflections of Miss Jane Deming
Freedom Walkers: The Story of the Montgomery Bus Boycott The Lions of Little Rock
The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz Out of Left Field
World War II (An Uncle Eric Book) by Richard Maybury Colonial America
Landing of the Pilgrims  
200 More Than A Carpenter What You Need to Know About Defending Your Faith
300 Know What You Believe The Case for Christ
Know Why You Believe Why I Believe: Straight Answers to Honest Questions about God, the Bible, and Christianity

Learn more about upgrading old curriculum.

NEW Discover & Do Experiment Videos—Level B

There is no better way to delight your kids with the wonders of science (and reinforce lessons!) than by experiencing it firsthand through hands-on activities. With the new Discover & Do, your children learn by actually doing the science!

As a busy parent thought, you may not have the time to demonstrate every experiment for your children. With the new Discover & Do: Science Experiment Videos, your students will be able to watch the experiments and learn to do it on their own.

Available in Sonlight Science K, A, and now B—the new Discover & Do: Science Experiment Videos are an ideal supplement to your child's education.

Learn more about the new Discover & Do: Science Experiment Videos

NEW Podcast: Chat with Sonlight

Chat with Sonlight PodcastChat with Sonlight Podcast

Sonlight Connections Homeschool Podcast

Besides our emails and the great articles on the blog, you can now spend a few minutes each week catching up with Sonlight. Grab a cup of coffee as we bring you insightful, encouraging, and upbeat content in audio form. Listen whenever it's convenient for you!

Listen in for a new episode every Friday.

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Did you miss any of these 2022Highlights?

50 States Unit Study

Discover Sonlight's 50 States Unit StudyDiscover Sonlight's 50 States Unit Study

Most US states require homeschoolers to complete a study of their state’s history—typically around 4th grade. Now you have the option to meet that requirement in true Sonlight style with our brand-new 50 States Unit Study!

Would you like a small taste of what a Sonlight education is like? Our unit studies are patterned after our curriculum—literature-based** with discussion questions, hands-on activities, an easy to use daily schedule, and more. We also offer a variety of free downloads and ebooks to help you on your homeschool journey from Sonlight.

Get Sonlight's 50 States Unit Study here.

Discover all of Sonlight's Unit Studies & Free Downloads here.

Sonlight Homeschool Planner

Sonlight Homeschool PlannerSonlight Homeschool Planner

Whether you’re a habitual organizer (“a place for everything, and everything in its place!”) or a free spirit (“let’s go with the flow!”), this planner was designed with you in mind. Pages and templates for every imaginable checklist/calendar and flexibility to adapt as you go. All you need to keep track of the details of your busy homeschool life. Sonlight’s homeschool planner has everything you need to help you stay organized as you travel the journey of schooling your children at home.

Get Sonlight's homeschool planner here.

Rewards Program

Earn valuable Sonlight Rewards to use on your favorite homeschool products every time you shop at sonlight.com! Sonlight’s new Reward program is a simple and flexible way to save on your homeschool materials. Earn Rewards every time you shop and use the points later! It’s our way of saying thank you for being a part of the Sonlight family.

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Review Your Order History

You can now see your past Sonlight order history when you log into your sonilght.com account.

  1. Log in at sonlight.com
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You can also highlight previously purchased items on individual product pages. Navigate to the product page, choose your options from the drop-down menu(s), click on the WHAT'S INCLUDED tab, and then finally click on the button. This tools makes it easy to see what you have already purchased from a package and what you might consider purchasing to update the materials you already have on hand.

4-Day Bonus Book Collections

4-Day Bonus Books4-Day Bonus Books

Love the 4-Day schedule, but don’t want to miss any amazing books? We’ve heard you! The 5-Day only books are available in easy-order collections for all Readers and Read-Alouds for Sonlight levels K-J. Enjoy your 4-Day schedule and never miss another great book!

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Just Book Collections

If you enjoy Sonlight's book selections but don't need a full program, we have an easy-order option for you. No more typing in your order title-by-title; now you can get all the Readers in an HBL or all the Read-Alouds, with a single click!

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Fresh New Electives

Fresh New ElectivesFresh New Electives

New, fun extras in several categories. Arts and crafts, history, critical thinking, STEM/STEAM, games and activities, books, and more!

Shop all Electives & Enrichment.

Upgrade Your Sonlight Curriculum and Save up to 50%

Sonlight is committed to providing the best curriculum we can to our customers. Therefore, we continually revise our Instructor's Guides based greatly on your feedback.

To help you use Sonlight with multiple children, we give you a 50% discount on future editions of any Instructor’s Guide (IG) you purchase from Sonlight. This is one of the many amazing benefits of using a literature-rich program like Sonlight: So much of the material can be used again and again! Sonlight's Repurchase Discount makes upgrading even more cost-effective.

When you’re ready to re-use a program with a younger child, you can update to the most current version of the Instructor’s Guide you own and purchased from Sonlight at 50% of the cost. In other words, you still get the newest materials and half off your Instructor's Guides. The online cart will automatically apply this discount when you order online. Learn more below!

Learn more about upgrading old curriculum.

*Sonlight's repurchase discount applies only to Instructor's Guides. We offer the repurchase discount with the understanding that the new Instructor's Guide is for the purpose of replacing the previous edition(s) for the benefit of the original purchaser only. The system will automatically apply the 50% repurchase discount to a replacement IG on qualifying purchases. 50% discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. See repurchase discount details here.

**While Sonlight curriculum packages do come with all the books you need, the books are not always included in the unit studies. The product page will indicate if the books are included or not. Some unit studies are are digital PDFs that require Adobe Reader to open.

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