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A Sonlight All-Subjects Package takes a Sonlight History / Bible / Literature program (which includes the Instructor's Guide) and adds all the other subjects needed to teach a child for one year: Science, Math, Language Arts, and, when age appropriate, Spelling and Handwriting.

And all for a 20% discount!

You are welcome to build-your-own homeschool curriculum package, using any of the products Sonlight sells.

Or, more simply, choose the All-Subjects Package that Sonlight picked, based on our best recommendations after 25 years of ongoing research, development, and feedback from families around the world.

"When I noticed the All-Subjects Packages had EVERYTHING I was looking for all in one nice neat package the excitement came back again! I was looking in my son's backpack for a toy he thought he had lost and guess what I found? Books! I asked him where he got them from and his answer about made me cry ... 'Mom they were with our school stuff. They are really cool. I want to keep reading them.'" — Andrea O, United Arab Emirates


Crack open a special book and sail to adventures far and wide. This informal homeschool curriculum for preschool helps you use the "best-ever" children's classics – plus fun games and activities – to effectively teach your young children. You receive the finest, most complete selection of classic children's literature and fairy tales available. The included Parent's Companion shows you what to do with the books, games and art supplies to help your children begin to fall in love with learning.

Please Note: Sonlight's Preschool and Pre-K packages do not qualify as All-Subjects Packages as they are both pre-Kindergarten and so not a grade. These two packages do NOT qualify for the 20% discount and cannot be personalized.


You won't need to write a single lesson plan all year long. Our flexible daily plans make it easy for you to customize your schedule to fit your family's needs and focus on the joy of teaching your children. Take the first step today. Commit to spending the next 36 weeks reading, having fun and building a relationship with your preschooler.

Please Note: Sonlight's Preschool and Pre-K packages do not qualify as All-Subjects Packages as they are both pre-Kindergarten and so not a grade. These two packages do NOT qualify for the 20% discount and cannot be personalized.

Click here to start building a complete Kindergarten program with Pre-K as the base. Once you've built a complete Kindergarten All-Subjects Package, it will qualify for the 20% discount.


NEW FOR 2020! A delightful, age-appropriate Kindergarten American History program, done in Sonlight’s signature style. The Sonlight Kindergarten program is as flexible as you need it to be and includes History, Geography, Bible, Handwriting, Language Arts, Science, Math, Readers, and of course, Read-Alouds.

First Grade

Meet new and interesting people as you travel to distant lands and long-ago times. Study creation, Ancient Egypt, Rome, knights and castles, missionaries, geography, climates and much more.

Second Grade

Get your time machine ready, as you are about to visit some exotic lands in various times throughout history. On the itinerary are such eclectic places as ancient Rome, medieval England and Egypt during the reign of the Pharaohs. You'll also navigate the high seas with the Vikings, learn new spelling and vocabulary words along the way and, of course, have lots of time for Bible study.

Third Grade

Civilizations across the globe are the focus of this year's curriculum. The goal here is to give your children a big-picture look at how the world map has changed through the centuries and how each event has resonated through time. With Sonlight's help you'll take your children on a fascinating discovery of God's entire world.

Fourth Grade

For the first time, History, Geography, Read-Alouds and Readers as well as Language Arts are all linked together. The characters you meet in your history book will show up in the readers. As your children learn and discover in this style, they'll make astonishing connections between the people, places and events in American History.

Fifth Grade

History's major players and characters come to life during this curriculum. You'll meet famous Americans such as Ben Franklin, Harriet Tubman, Helen Keller and more. You'll celebrate the positive aspects of our history: the establishment of a government by a free people apart from a king, the move toward unprecedented equality, the compassion that has historically flowed out of the American Church, two Great Awakenings that led thousands back to God.

Sixth Grade

Unique among Sonlight curricula, the subject matter here stands out from that available anywhere else. Take a full year's exploration of Asia, the Middle East, Africa and the South Pacific. Learn about the world's Eastern Hemisphere, where 90 percent of all unevangelized people call home. All over the world, people eat, dress, work, play and see the world very differently. But we're also the same in key ways: God loves all of us and we all need Jesus.

Seventh Grade

Critical thinking really begins to grow here. You'll see the connected flow of human history, from creation through the 1600s. Find answers to real-life questions such as: How did ancient Egypt, Israel and Assyria interact? Where did the Greeks come from? Why did Greek civilization give way to the Romans? Why did the Roman Empire fall? How did Asian culture develop during that same time? How did Western history progress during the so-called Dark Ages? How did those centuries give rise to the Renaissance, and how did the Renaissance, in turn, pave the way for the Protestant Reformation?

Eighth Grade

This level's gripping books gently pull in even the most reluctant of readers. You'll learn such tenets as Honor, Faith and the importance of Family. You'll discover some of history's most noble characters, including: King Arthur and his Round Table, Charlemagne and the warriors of the Trojan War.

Ninth Grade

Go deeper into American history this year. Discover what drove the founding fathers to rebel against their king. Discover why Benedict Arnold became the most despised name in the colonies. Walk with courageous Sacajawea as she navigates the adventure of a lifetime. Survive WWII with a Japanese-American family in a California internment camp. See the daily struggles of normal African Americans who courageously changed history through the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

10th Grade

Your children know their heritage as citizens of their country. 10th Grade opens their eyes to their astounding heritage as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven: What has God done throughout history? How is He moving today? How are we part of a global body of Christ bigger than our local churches and denominations?

11th Grade

In 1900, American women couldn't vote. Vaccines and radio didn't exist. It took more than a week to travel from Paris to New York. Colonial powers scrambled to conquer Africa. Only the world's wealthiest owned automobiles. By 1999, the world prepared for a computer problem that might ravage the global economy. Daily commercial flights jetted across the Atlantic. The Internet, space travel and the ability to clone animals were no longer far-fetched tales of science fiction. This year's study helps you understand those changes and, therefore, understand the world today.

12th Grade

Your 12th Grade homeschool curriculum teams two 18-week courses, American Government and Economics, with a 36-week American Literature course. The first offers a view of not only how our government works, but also why it works as it does. The second demystifies one of the least understood disciplines in all of academics. The third offers a delightful encounter with a catalog of literary classics, including: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Black Like Me, Brave Companions and The Grapes of Wrath.

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