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Complete, literature-based curriculum you're guaranteed to love.

Sonlight is a complete and fully planned, Christian, literature-based homeschool curriculum developed for students from preschool through high school. As the original literature-based homeschool curriculum—homeschool curriculum using real books!—we use a variety of educational resources, including literary fiction and nonfiction, biographies, illustrations, and hands-on activities to deliver an engaging and complete education that extends beyond textbook memorization.

Sonlight comes with all the materials you need, including thorough lesson plans and notes in our award-winning Instructor's Guides, so that you can stop planning lessons and start enjoying successful homeschooling.

Sonlight is fully planned. Requires zero prep. And is 100% effective... guaranteed.

We're so confident you'll love learning with Sonlight, that we offer an unmatched, one-year guarantee. Take up to one year to actually use the first half of your eligible program. Then if you don't love it ... if you aren't convinced Sonlight makes homeschooling a pleasure for you and your kids, return the entire package, used books and all. We'll give you a full refund of your purchased price.

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What is literature-based homeschooling?

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Stop planning lessons and start enjoying your homeschool.


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Whether you’re brand new to the concept of homeschooling or have been considering it for a while, getting started with home education can seem tough. Where do you start? Sonlight can help you navigate the process with everything from weighing the pros and cons to choosing curriculum. Discover even more benefits of homeschooling and get encouragement and help along the way on our blog!

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If you have questions about homeschooling, questions about Sonlight, need help choosing curriculum, or simply need prayer and a little encouragement, talk with a Sonlight Homeschool Advisor, FREE. Get help and advice right where you are and in the way you are most comfortable. Our Advisors are available to chat live, email, call or text!

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