Teaching Textbooks - Pre-Calculus CD-ROM Combo 471-22

Teaching Textbooks - Pre-Calculus CD-ROM Combo

This item has been discontinued.


High schoolers with a gift or love for math can soar into advanced concepts and get ready for college-level Calculus.

Easy-to-Use CD-ROM's

The Pre-Calculus Teaching Textbook CD-ROM's are also incredibly easy to use. Unlike most software, which often comes with detailed instruction manuals, the Teaching Textbook CDs are designed to be as easy to use as a videotape. You just set the CD in the tray, click on the lesson and lecture you want and that's it!

Never Get Stumped Again

The two sets of CD-ROMs offer far more teaching than any other math product on the market. In fact, they even contain more teaching than is available in most traditional classes. With this unprecedented CD-ROM package, the frustration of missing a problem and not being able to figure out what you did wrong is over. Students (and their parents) finally have a powerful yet affordable way to teach themselves math!

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