Teaching Textbooks Algebra 2 2.0

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  • Author: Greg Sabouri & Shawn Sabouri

Continue algebra mastery with higher-degree equations, additional variables, logarithms and much more. More than 120 hours of instruction and 137 lessons on 12 interactive CDs with lectures, problems, step-by-step solutions, tests and automated grading. Includes a 724-page student workbook, answer key and 18 chapter tests. Version 2.0. Windows and Mac compatible.

In Algebra 2, your students will cover:

  • Solving an Equation Using the Quadratic Formula
  • Solving a Radical Equation
  • Solving a Fourth-Degree Equation
  • Graphing a Parabola
  • Solving a Percent Problem
  • Solving a Mixture Problem
  • Adding Rational Expressions
  • Solving a Distance Problem
  • Solving a Multivariable Equation
  • Graphing an Ellipse
  • Combining Rational Expressions
  • Solving an Inequality Word Problem
  • Solving a Nonlinear System
  • Solving a Work Problem
  • Graphing a Circle
  • Graphing a Two-Variable Linear Inequality
  • Solving a Coin Problem
  • Solving an Absolute-Value Equation
  • Solving an Absolute-Value Inequality
  • Simplifying a Complex Number Expression
  • Solving an Investment Problem
  • And much, much more!

Teaching Textbooks offers a money-back guarantee for thirty (30) days from the date of purchase.


Teaching Textbooks - Algebra 2 Table of Contents

Algebra 2: Text and Ans. Key/Test Bank
Student Text: 720 pages
Ans. Key & Test Bank: 130 pages
Number of Lessons: 137
Number of Tests: 18

Algebra 2: CD Combo
Number of CDs: 12
Total Instruction Time: Over 120 hours

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