Horizons™ Homeschool Math Curriculum 

Horizons™ Math

Horizons curriculum is designed to help your children understand math from the ground up. The program introduces math properties, truths, and principles one at a time, builds the strength of the student's foundation through practice, and then moves to the next principle.

Each year of the Horizons homeschool program consists of three pieces: two colorful, well-organized workbooks that contain 80 lessons apiece (160 total for the year), a wonderful Teacher’s Handbook with daily lesson plans, answer keys, and final exams, and 80 reproducible worksheets.

The K family Sonlighters, from Round Rock, TXThe K family Sonlighters, from Round Rock, TX
Horizons Math
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Horizons Math
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Horizons Math
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Free Homeschool Math Assessment / Placement TestsFree Homeschool Math Assessment / Placement Tests

Unsure of where to start your student with Horizons?

The Horizons Math Readiness Evaluation helps to determine the level at which a new student is ready to begin studying in the program.

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Purchase the basic program once for each grade. Along with reproducible worksheets, each Horizons homeschool package includes consumable workbooks you can order separately for additional students.

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