Sonlight Curriculum Job Postings

There are no job listings at this time.

We realize that you are not only looking for a great job, but a company you can call "home." We understand that you have many options even as we are seeking to hire only the best available talent. So, why would you want to work at InquisiCorp, beyond our competitive pay, comprehensive benefits and significant retirement and profit sharing plans?

  • We offer an atmosphere that is quiet, energetic, purposeful, and God honoring. We start every morning with group prayer. We encourage our employees to pray for our customers, each other, and the world around us, as Christ would have us to do. What a refreshing way to start our day!
  • We enjoy a relaxed dress code everyday of the week; modesty is our only requirement. Would you love to come to work everyday in jeans and a T-shirt, or shorts in the summer?
  • InquisiCorp is filled with fun, talented, skilled, and devoted people in every position, which makes our work environment friendly and enjoyable. We truly care about each other.
  • Life can get very busy. Between soccer practice, ballet, church, and picking up the dry cleaning, how do you find the time? We try to help by offering flexible schedules with an emphasis on work/life balance, where appropriate. Some of our employees work shorter work weeks, while others work more hours one day and less hours the next in order to take care of their non-work needs.
  • We have a diverse work group, which incorporates people of all ages, multiple cultures, and varied backgrounds. Our work environment is truly dynamic, as we are continually inspired to change and improve to better serve our customers. We appreciate our close work group; we challenge each other to improve, learn, and serve each and every day.

Some thoughts from our employees:

I appreciate the fact that InquisiCorp's management appreciates strategic thinking and creativity from everyone, no matter what their position. I know if I have a good idea, I will be encouraged to bring people around me to accomplish it, whether I'm a "manager" or not. This shows the management's trust and confidence in employees and encourages me to strive for big and better things, knowing I'll be heard." —Laura Lee Ellis, Marketing Copywriter
"My favorite thing about working at InquisiCorp is the diversity! Everyone here is unique in that they can all share their lives with one another in an uplifting and spiritual way! If I were leaving, I would miss the wonderful working atmosphere and the many fun things that most companies don't really do, like monthly luncheons and the yearly refresher, and picnics. I would miss the people I work with the most!" —Ryan Maslow, Warehouse Specialist