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Students using Saxon Math earn consistently high scores on standardized tests. The program is extremely strong in areas of arithmetic computation and mathematical principles (distributive, commutative, etc.).

Saxon takes an incremental (little by little) approach to math, introducing a new skill or principle each day, then reviewing these concepts and skills day after day for weeks. This approach helps build students' confidence in their ability to "do" math successfully.

The H family Sonlighters, from Slater, MOThe H family Sonlighters, from Slater, MO
Saxon Math
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Saxon Math
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Free Homeschool Math Placement Tests from Sonlight (Saxon Math)Free Homeschool Math Placement Tests from Sonlight (Saxon Math)

What Saxon program is right for your student?

Take the free Saxon math placement test to determine the appropriate level for your student.

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Saxon packages include everything you need to teach one child. To use the program with additional or successive students, purchase additional consumable tests and worksheets.

Beginning with Saxon 5/4 and on up, packages include Dr. David Shormann’s DIVE Into Math CD instruction. On-screen illustrations, tips, and alternative problem-solving approaches help your student maximize learning.

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