Non-Disposable Dissection Pan with Flex-Pad 250-35

Non-Disposable Dissection Pan with Flex-Pad

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Non-disposable dissection pan with unique flex-pad.

This non-disposable dissection pan is built with high-density polyethylene to give you maximum durability. It won't rust, crack, or leak, and it retains its shape, unlike traditional aluminum pans. Your polyethylene dissection pan comes with non-skid pads to prevent it from sliding.

The pan also comes with a unique flex-pad in place of the traditional wax filling. The flex-pad is washable, removable, clean, long-lasting, and odorless. Unlike black wax, the flex-pad will always have a smooth surface. You'll no longer have to wash wax off dissection pins, nor will you have to remelt or replace old wax.

The pan's outside dimensions measure 10" by 7". The flex-pad fits inside.

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