How to Start Homeschooling

Congratulations on heading toward this exciting decision. Here's where the fun begins. Let these resources help you take the next steps.

Step 1: Meet other homeschoolers and gather ideas

You're not alone in your desire to homeschool! In fact, you might be amazed at the homeschool resources available today. Don't get bogged down in this research phase, but it wouldn't hurt to take a broad sweep of the help available out there.

Step 2: Create your homeschool vision and goals

How will you move forward if you don't know where you're going? These resources will help you determine exactly why you're homeschooling. As you write your "homeschool purpose statement" and determine goals for your children, you'll stay on track as you choose homeschool curriculum and start your journey.

Step 3: Choose curriculum

Twenty-five years ago, homeschool resources were scarce. Now the choices can be overwhelming! Here are some steps to help you think through what homeschool curriculum will fit your family best.

Find Your Curriculum Style.

Curious about literature-based homeschooling and Sonlight Curriculum?

Podcast: Tips for a Successful First Year

Judy and Jill walk you through the Sonlight Instructor's Guide. They share practical ways to get ready for the school year. You will get some ideas for record keeping and catch a glimpse of what your schedule could look like. You will also gain some suggestions for taking care of your toddlers while teaching your students.

Find your curriculum style

Learn more about the homeschool curriculum options you have—from textbooks that look just like the ones you used in school, to ultra-relaxed "unschooling."

You Are Not Alone: The best ways to connect with local homeschoolers

Two Tips

Don't feel like you're the only one around. Find guidance and encouragement in your local homeschool community.

A Tour of Top Homeschool Resources

Books and blogs and websites! Oh, my!