Can we please do school today?

Cat wrote,

If a curriculum can help develop a passion for learning that's stronger than the love of unwrapping presents, you know it's a keeper!
On Christmas morning, I had to tell my girls, "No, we can't do Sonlight. We're supposed to be eating blueberry pancakes, opening presents and celebrating Jesus' birth. It's not a school day." That was met by groans.
They had asked to do lessons before they even asked about opening the big pile of presents under the tree.

Countless moms have told us similar stories — about Sunday mornings, holidays and summer vacations (read more #sonlightstories here). You've got to ask: Why do children get so excited when they use Sonlight Curriculum? What does Sonlight offer that other programs don't?

Sonlight's award-winning series of "real" books bring history to life ... and learning happens naturally.

Sonlight helps your children see, feel, and hear what happened - even 2,000 years ago. In other words, Sonlight history is almost as good as being there. Kids don't suffer through boatloads of boring textbook recitations of "testable information."

The stories draw them in. When they enjoy reading their school books every day, it's easy to remember the important lessons. And whatever textbooks would've highlighted (Don't forget this name or that date!), your children will remember incidentally, because they'll feel as if they were there!

When that happens, you, the homeschooling parent, have the easiest, most enjoyable job possible. Read the quotes from parents we've sprinkled throughout this catalog. We've been receiving stories like these, unsolicited, since Sonlight began.

Your kids won't want the school day to end — and you won't, either!

Don't get me wrong — you're sure to experience discouraging days with any homeschool curriculum, including Sonlight. You'll likely experience days when you want to chuck homeschooling right out the window. It happens to all of us.

But what is your general experience? With Sonlight, you're far more likely to feel like Kristi W, than the discouraged mom down the street:

Sonlight books may be meant for my kids, but they are such a treat for me. With materials so appealing and rich, I catch myself thinking, "This is far too much fun to be work."

Imagine having FUN teaching your children! We expect you'll find that Sonlight informs, challenges, and inspires you as much as it does your kids. Together, you'll feel drawn to explore History, Geography, Literature, Science, Math — even subjects that never inspired you back when you were in school. Best of all, you'll stay the course. And while you're enjoying Sonlight's literature-rich approach ...

You'll experience unexpected benefits.

We've heard this from many homeschoolers: Once they began to use Sonlight, their spouses suddenly wanted to read to the kids. Or listen in (and maybe borrow the book after). Case in point, Tammy:

My husband was hooked from the first Read-Aloud! Sonlight has brought our family closer together as we look forward each day to the next adventure. I know that sounds corny, but it's true.

Others say that until they found Sonlight, they were addicted to TV. Once they started "Sonlighting," the family began to lose interest in television. Now the kids actually choose to read, and if they don't have enough Sonlight books, they beg to go to the library for stories by the same authors.

What makes a HUGE difference in those difficult teen years?

Sonlighters often discuss topics as a family ...

"Tim, I was reading your Sonlight book last night," Dad says. "What did you think about [idea or issue the story raised]?"

From the earliest years, as your family laughs and cries together over the diverse and emotionally compelling stories that make up the majority of Sonlight Curriculum, you will have established a habit of sharing from the heart. By the time they are young adults, your kids will know they can come to you with any concern and trust you to tell them the truth.

An investment for the entire family!

People tell us that Sonlight books are their kids' favorites. They don't just read the books for school. And they don't just read them once. Becky wrote,

Trying to trim our shelves, I set aside some books to sell and asked my son to look through them.
"Mom," he said, "you can't sell these books — they're from Sonlight!" Every book went back on the shelf.

Sonlight is a worthy investment - even in difficult economic times. Invest not only in your children's education, but also in top-notch "recreation" for you, the parents! Deb F commented,

At the end of the school year, I usually rush to the library to find something for myself. After this first year with Sonlight, I didn't feel that urgent need — your books satisfy my soul.

Enjoy a greatly "multiplied blessing" as you invest in your children's education. As your entire family treasures these wonderful books, you can amortize the cost of your Sonlight programs over not just one year's education of a single child, but over the life of your family's growing library. Make learning natural, easy and fun. Build lasting bonds with your family, and a valuable library for years to come. We invite you to join this satisfying life of discovery.

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