Discover & Do: Science Supplies Kits

Maybe you don't have a science background. Maybe the mere mention of conducting science experiments sends chills down your spine. It really doesn’t have to! You don’t have to be an expert to expose your children to hands-on activities and experiments that spark an ongoing interest and possibly inspire a future career!

We understand that having to hunt around at the last minute for the bendable straws, soap-free steel wool, medium-sized steel washers, clay, and so forth that are required to do some of the science experiments can be overwhelming.

Most of the experiments in Sonlight's Science Programs can be done with common household items, but to minimize prep, we've included Discover & Do: Science Supplies Kits in every program. These Science Supplies Kits eliminate the futile searches for all the small and unusual items you'll need to conduct the experiments: things you wouldn't normally have around the house and other items you might own but wouldn't be able, easily, to put your hands on. The supply kits include everything from marbles and magnets to seeds, straws, powerful magnets and more. Minimal prep time!

After gathering all your supplies together, we place them in a handy, resealable, zip-lock bag so you'll always know where everything is when you need it.

With the help of Discover & Do: Science Supplies Kits, science becomes a subject that inspires you and your children to love science!

Homeschool Science Supply Kits

Sonlight Science programs comes with the applicable supplies kit. Shop our store for individual science supplies and consumables.

Hands-On Experiments

There is no better way to delight your kids with the wonders of science (and reinforce lessons!) than by experiencing it firsthand through hands-on activities and experiments. With Sonlight Science, your students will conduct simple, engaging, hands-on experiments and activities in your home that reinforce the concepts learned in your reading.

Sonlight Science K-F now includes Discover & Do: Science Experiments. With Discover & Do, children will not just memorize the steps of the scientific process. Rather, your students will conduct simple, engaging, hands-on experiments in your home and actually use the scientific method to explore their world in a fun, enjoyable and interactive way. Each experiment ties directly to that week’s reading material for an interconnected experience that reinforces the concepts studied and provides hands-on application of the subject matter.

Beginning at the first grade level and continuing right through the elementary years, we have chosen the wonderful Usborne books to do the bulk of the work of conveying scientific knowledge.

Reading an Usborne book is a unique experience. The best way we can describe it is to suggest that you imagine what it would be like to have a textbook that consisted almost solely of the kinds of illustrations you find in National Geographic, accompanied by the same kind of informative text you find alongside those illustrations — yet written in a manner that children can easily understand.

Usborne books' illustrations are beautifully detailed hand-drawn pictures and look as if they could have been adapted straight from National Geographic photographs.

Every page is filled with these high-quality, full-color pictures — either full, two-page spreads or many smaller illustrations on each page. All text is clearly tied to the illustrations.

These are books that your kindergartner will want to take with him to bed . . . and that you'll want to read for your own educational enjoyment. They aren't "baby" books. They're filled with solid information. And most contain experiments that you and your children can do together.

Besides the Usborne books, you'll find we carry dozens of other science texts, all of which are designed for easy understanding and pleasurable education. These are books that — as almost everything else in Sonlight® — you and your children will turn to not because you have to but because you want to pursue the adventure.

Check out Sonlight's Science Programs and begin your hands-on, fun, and informative exploration of the natural world.

An updated look!

As Discover & Do: Science Experiments are integrated into our science programs (currently levels K through F), the Science Supplies Kit boxes and included supplies have been updated to reflect the Discover & Do brand. Our Science Supplies Kits still include many of the supplies (excluding common household items), worksheets and templates you need to complete the experiments in each program, reducing set up time and frustration, so you actually do the experiments.

In Sonlight Science levels K through E, not only has the Supplies Kit box received a new look, but the included supplies have also changed to match the new experiments included in those levels.

The Supplies Kits in Sonlight Science levels G and higher received the new Discover & Do: Science Supplies Kit branding as well, but the materials and included supplies did not change. For these levels, the Supplies Kits are the same product as before, but now only have a new look.