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When John Holzmann suggested to his wife Sarita that they might want to consider homeschooling, she said, "You aren't going to tie me down like that!"

So if you feel some concern about homeschooling ... so did our founder.

But as Sarita found, homeschooling with Sonlight does not have to trap you in a life you don't want. Instead, it offers freedom and joy, and thorough preparation for whatever life holds.

It was true in 1990, when Sonlight began, and it remains true today.

You can experience the wonder of a Sonlight education, too. We hope you do.

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Holzmann Family 2014
Photo of John and Sarita Holzmann, four children, three spouses, and eight grandchildren (all being taught with Sonlight).


Sonlight is more than just a preK-12 homeschool curriculum supplier.

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When you purchase from Sonlight, you get more than just excellent curriculum, outstanding support, and a love of learning. You also get the following perks.

What is Christ-centered, Literature-rich Curriculum?

An approach that helps you enjoy great books with your kids as you guide them in their learning and faith. Find out more here.

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Forget Boring Textbooks

How a literature-based curriculum can ignite your children's passion to learn

A literature-based curriculum is far superior to boring textbooks. If school has bored your children to tears, discover a love of learning with Sonlight.


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We provide tools to help you raise children who love to learn, love God and have the academic preparation to do whatever Christ calls them to do.

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