Middle School: The Critical Years

Wondering whether to send your kids to school for middle school? Here are some reasons to consider homeschooling through that critical time.

Many students struggle in the middle school. Changing hormones make everything seem off-kilter. Unkind peers plant seeds of insecurity and vulnerability. The Middle School brain is hard at work, but development is not geared toward academics during that time, so learning can be a struggle.

Students in a middle school classroom are often at a disadvantage emotionally, socially, and intellectually.

More than that, a 2006 study reports that "a majority of twentysomethings—61% of today's young adults—had been churched at one point during their teen years but are now spiritually disengaged."

Most likely, many of those young people didn't face tough questions of faith and modern culture. Unprepared to navigate these issues from a Christian perspective, they eventually reached an intellectual impasse and walked away.

But this doesn't have to be your children's story.

As a parent, you have the opportunity to help your children gain sure footing before they head out into the world.

When you homeschool through middle school, you have three extra years to help them grow and mature in their relationship with Christ. You have three more years to build up their self-esteem and prepare them for the moral and spiritual battles they'll face in high school.

Sonlight Helps Parents Homeschool through Middle School

Sonlight offers several excellent programs for the middle school years. Each one gives a solid preparation for high school. (Indeed, some high schoolers have used these programs for high school credit.)

Sonlight's History / Bible / Literature F introduces students to non-Western cultures—the majority of people in the world. Because of its unique subject matter and perspective, many Sonlighters consider it a favorite.

Sonlight's History / Bible / Literature G and History / Bible / Literature H form a complete, in-depth study of world history. Sonlight G covers creation to the end of the 16th century; Sonlight H continues the story through the fall of communism and the collapse of the USSR.

Don't want to spend two years on World History at this point? Sonlight W is a one-year option that offers an excellent overview, with a reasonable amount of reading.

Sonlight's History / Bible / Literature J is the fascinating story of scientific discovery. From the ancient Greek who accurately calculated the size of the world based on the angle of the sun in a well at midday on the summer solstice, to the ground-breaking discoveries even into the 21st Century, this is a brilliant course. The story is told well enough to be enjoyable even for students who aren't strong in science, but it is an especial treat for children who enjoy science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

Or you might consider the in-depth overview of American History in Sonlight's 120 program, using either Sonlight's American Literature 130 program, or a different Language Arts program.

Throughout your journey, you'll be guided by Sonlight's dependable Instructor's Guides. You'll have daily schedules to follow and invaluable notes about the works your students are reading.

So what, specifically, will your children study in our middle school homeschool curriculum?

Sonlight F

Journey across the mysterious East and glimpse God's heart for the world

Unique in feel among all the Sonlight programs, Sonlight F studies non-Western cultures. Rather than studying history chronologically, as we do in our American and World History programs, F is a cultural study that focuses on several less-studied countries, regions, and continents.

  • Explore ancient and complex Eastern hemisphere societies where 90% of the world's unevangelized peoples live.
  • Teach like a pro: your complete lesson plans, materials and teaching tips are waiting for you. Just follow along!
  • Gain courage and compassion from inspiring biographies and gripping stories.
  • Meet Mother Teresa, brave explorers, and typical families who live on the other side of the world.
  • Purchase this Sonlight History/Bible/Literature package and you'll get free shipping (lower 48), a one-year guarantee and other perks.

When asked which program is their favorite, some Sonlight customers vote for almost every one of the Sonlight programs. But usually, Sonlight F gets more votes than the rest.

Unique in feel among all the Sonlight programs, Sonlight F studies non-Western cultures. Rather than studying history chronologically, as we do in our American and World History programs, F is a cultural study that focuses on several less-studied countries, regions, and continents.

One of our passions is the "10/40 Window," the band on a map that extends between 10 and 40 degrees north of the equator and stretches from West Africa in the west to Japan in the east. Incredibly, about two-thirds of the world's population live in this small band. This area lacks access to the gospel (many governments are hostile to the story of Jesus); many of the people live in extreme poverty; many live without access to medical care and access to education.

It is very difficult to pray for God to be at work when we know nothing about where we want God to be at work. It is, perhaps, difficult to feel called to "go" if you know nothing about the need to which you might be called. And how can we be anything but narrow-minded and focused on the West, when that is all we know?

Our hope is that, through your studies, you will know more about those other inhabitants of the globe, and grow in compassion for them.

Estimated daily time for Eastern Hemisphere plus your other subjects: Student: 4-6 hrs | Parent: 2-3.5 hrs

Overview of the History

The centerpiece of Sonlight F is Journey to the Eastern Hemisphere, a book (new for 2016!) that combines articles and photos about various countries and regions: China, Korea, Japan, Russia, Southeast Asia, Vietnam, India, the Middle East, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Africa, the Pacific Islands, New Zealand, Australia, and Antarctica.

F also includes guided exercises and activities to help make the reading meaningful. Make a timeline of Chinese history. Record three interesting things you learned in that day's reading. Research an endangered species and give a mini-report.

The History program adds powerful missionary biographies: Hudson Taylor in China, William Carey in India, Mary Slessor in Nigeria, and God at work in Iran. May these stories help us to inspire the people walking in darkness to see the great light.

Overview of the Literature

As in other Sonlight programs, the 18 Read-Alouds expand on the History. Unlike other Sonlight programs, though, there are not as many books available about any of these peoples and places. Compared to, say, the hundreds of books available about WWII, there are not many children's books about Vietnam or Saudi Arabia.

For many of the countries in F, the language is foreign, the religion is foreign, and the cultural heritage is foreign.

Please, consider each of these Read-Alouds a gift.

(Some years back, Young Fu of the Upper Yangtze went out of print. My daughter remembers me exclaiming, "I just don't know what to do! There isn't another Young Fu!" Even today, more than two decades after that temporary setback, with all the thousands of books I have read and tens of thousands that I have reviewed, I can say with confidence: There isn't another Young Fu.)

Shadow Spinner is an interesting twist on the story of Shahrazad. What would it be like for her, 989 days after starting to tell the Sultan stories? How desperate would she be for any new story? That's the beginning. This is a favorite for many customers.

When my children were little, John started reading Seven Daughters and Seven Sons. This is not a short book (it's scheduled for more than two weeks). But it so captivated my family that they finished in three sessions, reading on late into the night to find out what happens to Buran.

From an age-appropriate but still-intense introduction to Russia under Stalin (how could it be anything but intense?), to a true story set in Sudan; from the beautiful memoir of life in Vietnam before the war, to a gorgeously illustrated Chinese fairy tale, this is, as I said earlier, a collection of books, each of which is a gift.


The Readers, too, are gifts. Jules Verne's classic adventure yarn Around the World in 80 Days. A Saudi Arabian boy who trains a golden eagle to hunt. The story of an Arabian horse that became an ancestor of the modern Thoroughbred. A Palestinian girl in Jerusalem befriends a Jewish boy. Leningrad, besieged during WWII, slowly starves; how can they survive?

Twenty glorious books!

Did you see the infographic that came out a few years ago? It had a map of the world, with a circle around India, China, Korea, Japan, and Indonesia. And the map had the heading: "There are more people living inside this circle than outside it." True. But even more then that, there are more Muslims living inside the circle than out of it. (We think of the Middle East as the primary place for Islam, and, indeed, it began there. But the 25 million Muslims in Saudi Arabia are few compared to Indonesia's 200 million, or India's 175 million.) There are more Hindus living inside the circle than out of it. There are more Buddhists living inside the circle than out of it.

Not only that: The circle is mostly water, and includes Mongolia, the least populated country on earth.

Come learn about the countries in this circle, and near the circle. Come learn about two-thirds of the world's population. Discover the program many Sonlighters consider their favorite.

Buy Sonlight F here.

Sonlight G

Witness the rise and fall of ancient empires.

You'll love watching your children grow this year. What a delight to see their joy in learning something new, to be amazed at their increasing capacity to offer input and consider abstract ideas, and to hear their intriguing observations.

Sonlight G fosters your students' ability to think critically and make connections. Over the course of 36-weeks, your students will see the connected flow of human history, from creation through the transformative 1600s.

  • Discover how people lived around the world from Creation through the Reformation.
  • Relax with complete lesson plans and materials for homeschool success.
  • Meet Augustus Caesar, samurai warriors, Incan emperors, Joan of Arc, Martin Luther and more!
  • Bring ancient history to life with vivid biographies, historical fiction for 6th grade and up, as well as award-winning literature.
  • Purchase this World History Curriculum package and you'll get free shipping (lower 48), a one-year guarantee and other perks.

History is a story – the story of real people, families, adventures, triumphs (and defeats), cultures. And a good story, well-told, should never be boring! The stories you’ll read in Sonlight G bring long-ago times to life. This kind of study is very practical, offering examples and perspective as we experience history being created today. Your children will gain the big-picture understanding of the world that any well-educated adult in today’s global society ought to have.

Sonlight G's cohesive, interconnected curriculum builds on three primary history texts, then adds compelling historical fiction, Greek myths, biographies, and other titles. Some of this you probably already know – the Nile and the Mona Lisa, King Arthur and the Roman occupation. The invitation to you now is to go deeper. Learn about travel on the Nile and usurping monarchs. Speculate about Leonardo da Vinci's motivation. Consider the technological advance that allowed the historic Arthur to reign. Picture the people under Roman rule.

Estimated daily time for World History, Year 1 of 2 including your other subjects: Student: 4-6 hrs | Parent: 2-3.5 hrs

Prefer a one-year World History option? See Sonlight W.

Overview of the History

In History, Sonlight G uses the first two books in Susan Wise Bauer's Story of the World series, covering Creation through the transformative 1600s. (Continue on with the other two in the series in Sonlight H.) Bauer is known for her storytelling, and these are extremely readable, enjoyable books.

To go along with the descriptive text, the illustrated Usborne book 12,000 Years of World History offers a visual history.

These resources work well together.

Overview of the Literature

Sonlight's G and H are the last programs with Read-Alouds. Enjoy these few years with your children, reading great books and learning so much, so pleasantly.

The dozen Read-Alouds (plus an astonishing poetry collection with over 700 poems) progress mostly chronologically. The school year begins with the thrilling story of an Egyptian boy, Ranofer, set around 1350 B.C. From a goldsmith shop to the banks of the Nile, from a tomb to the palace, the setting is fascinating and varied.

The school year ends with Master Cornhill, set in London in 1666. In 1665, the Plague had wiped out much of the population. One year later, a great fire sweeps the city.

And in between these two dramatic stories, you'll read a marvelous summary of the Trojan War (important for cultural literacy – and a most excellent story); a beautiful story of adoption and pottery set in Korea about 900 years ago; one of my family's favorite Sonlight books of all time, The Great and Terrible Quest; and the creative, insightful (and laugh-out-loud funny) story of Leonardo da Vinci's servant.


The 16 Readers this year are also fabulous. (One of Sarita's daughters used most of them as Read-Alouds because she didn't want to miss the experience of sharing them with her boys.)

The first Reader, Mara, Daughter of the Nile, is the only book Sarita's daughter read two times in a row straight through, and then went back a third time to read again her favorite parts. A spy story, a rags-to-riches story, and a story of revolution – don't miss it.

The Bronze Bow, set in Galilee at the time of Christ, shows what it would have been like to live under Roman occupation. Would you have rebelled against harsh rule? What made the message of Jesus so compelling? This is a book that, you may find your whole family drawn in to the story.

There's a historical fiction book about how Lord Artos (better known in mythology as "King Arthur") brought horses to England. This was transformative. (Why? It was a technological breakthrough in warfare.) Another one tells the story of Patrick in Ireland. There's even one on the improbable subject of bull-fighting! It's a marvelous coming-of-age story about conquering fear and choosing your own path.

It's a great year of books to share with your children.

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Sonlight H

Explore the ever-changing world of the past 500 years

Sonlight H completes the study that began in Sonlight G. Get a backstage pass to the last 500 years of World History – Colonial rule and Colonial rule overthrown, the influence of the Renaissance on the American and French Revolutions, the World Wars and life for everyday people during those wars. In this program, you’ll meet the people whose ideas and actions forged the course of history, from reformers to rocket scientists. Gain a working knowledge of what happened from the 17th century to about 1990.

In this 36-week program, you'll also discuss some uncomfortable realities of history that were largely sidestepped in previous years – things like the Holocaust, poverty, and war.

  • Finish the breathtaking journey through World History you started in Sonlight G.
  • Enjoy your children as they grow: you get the lesson plans, tools and materials to guide them each day.
  • Watch Colonialism and Asian dynasties rise and fall. Wrestle with the reality of two world wars.
  • Learn from the past and see how each generation's choices impact the world.
  • Fuel a love to learn with gripping historical fiction, fascinating biographies and great literature.
  • Purchase this package and you'll get free shipping (lower 48), a one-year guarantee and other perks.

Sonlight H includes challenging books and fun books – thrilling adventures, laugh-out-loud scenes, and heartwarming stories. You'll find a mix of books for a thoroughly enjoyable experience.

Estimated daily time for World History, Year 2 of 2 plus your other subjects: Student: 4-6 hrs | Parent: 2-3.5 hrs

Prefer a one-year World History option? See Sonlight W.

Overview of the History

The History uses the final two volumes of Susan Wise Bauer's Story of the World, and the Usborne 12,000 Years of World History continues as the visual embellishment of, and expansion on, the text.

Overview of the Literature

The Read-Alouds: what a fabulous treat!

The first book, one that may make you spontaneously exclaim, "I love that book," tells of a girl who ends up in a cathedral boys' choir, while also trying to figure out why her father was murdered. (This does not touch on the humor, charm, interest, and delight in this book. As with all the best books, it is impossible to convey the feeling of the whole in a single sentence.)

Both of Sarita's daughters claim The Sherwood Ring as one of their favorites. Not a story of Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest, this is set in New York, mostly during the Revolutionary War, in which dashing military officer Peaceable Sherwood makes life miserable for the rebels. (One of Sarita's daughters hopes that, in heaven, all book heroes are as dynamic and perfect as Peaceable Sherwood.)

One Read-Aloud tells the story of the Jewish Danes escaping to Sweden during WWII. Another one set during WWII includes the evacuation of Dunkirk, and a description of life in a country that is under attack.

There's a book about life in Afghanistan under the Taliban; one about the Japanese occupation of Korea and the later Communist takeover of North Korea; and one about figuring out what causes cholera. One is about the Trail of Tears, when the Cherokee were evicted from their homes in Georgia and forcibly resettled in Arkansas.

And for the final Sonlight Read-Aloud in all our programs: the laugh-out-loud classic story The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. An unwilling mother takes over the annual Christmas pageant, and her child gains new insight into what it would be like to be an uncertain visitor to Bethlehem, ready to have a baby. (Some families make this an annual tradition during Advent, to remember to prepare their hearts for the Savior.) No matter what time of year you read this, may you be changed.


The 15 Readers this year continue the Sonlight standard: a range of topics and beautiful writing. Huguenots flee persecution in France and end up on a sugar plantation in the Caribbean. The potato blight and subsequent famine in Ireland. Life in the Tower of London. Exile in Siberia. Growing up in the Amazon rain forest. Growing up on a military base. The French Revolution. The Russian Revolution. Stories set in Canada, Japan, Hungary, India, and China.

Sonlight H discusses some uncomfortable realities of history and life: the Holocaust, poverty, war, and famine. But even though the world can be dark, even though life can be hard, my hope is that when your children face challenges – which, at their ages, might be no more than resolving conflicts with siblings or working hard to understand math – my hope is that they'll say, "I know I can do this because I've read about ordinary people like me who kept on trying. I won't give up!"

With strong heroes to emulate, may your children be prepared to persevere.

Buy Sonlight H here.

Sonlight W

Journey through the highlights of World History

Sonlight W is a wonderful introduction to the delight of learning. The approachable, winsome, gripping books compel students to keep reading. Your reluctant learners might even start sneaking books off to finish ahead of schedule!

With Sonlight W, your students will see the connected flow of human history from creation through the present, and they'll have a great time doing so. This level also helps students develop critical thinking skills and understand the world today by seeing how we got where we are. The 36-week study helps them understand their own and others’ cultures by seeing connections between civilizations around the world and throughout time.

  • Sweep through ancient and modern history with this one-year program.
  • Homeschool with confidence: you get daily plans and complete materials for the entire year.
  • Meet a samurai warrior, Augustus Caesar, Joan of Arc, Michelangelo, Martin Luther, Napoleon and more.
  • Learn from the past and see how each generation's choices impact the world.
  • Purchase this homeschool curriculum package of literature and history textbooks and you'll get free shipping (lower 48), a one-year guarantee and other perks.

Sonlight's complete World History program takes two full years. If you have the time to do all of Sonlight G and H, that's still my top recommendation. You'll enjoy many more favorite books, and you'll get a deeper, richer study of history.

But not everyone feels they can spend two years on World History. Some customers are new to Sonlight and only have a year before they need to start the high school courses. Some customers know they have only this last year to homeschool, but would like to complete a whole sweep of History.

If so, rather than do only the first half or the second half of World History, I recommend this one-year condensed program. Although, of course, I had to leave some things out, it's my best effort to slim down our two-year program to a single year.

Besides having to remove some books, Sonlight W has one significant change from G and H. In the two-year version, students read the four-volume Story of the World. But four volumes, as well as all the other history books, would be too much in one year. Instead, Sonlight W uses Hillyer's Child's History of the World as the foundation for the History. It has excellent content, and allows the students time to read additional works that add variety and depth to their studies.

Estimated daily time for One-Year World History including your other subjects: Student: 4-6 hrs | Parent: 2-3.5 hrs

First time Sonlighting? Click here for a few required resources.

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Sonlight J

Discover scientific inquiry of the last 4000 years with Sonlight's History of Science program

Pythagoras proved his famous theorem using a stick in the sand. No mathematical digits—they wouldn't be invented for over a thousand years.

A couple hundred years before Christ, Eratosthenes accurately calculated the size of the world using the angle of sunlight in a well on the summer solstice.

Newton compared the trajectory of an apple, a small terrestrial object, with the moon, a heavenly body, and wondered if maybe they were both subjected to the same force. Genius.

Einstein imagined spaceships traveling at near light-speed, and changed the way we view the world.

Explore the curiosity, egos, quirks, and flashes of brilliance from 4000 years of people seeking answers to how the world works. As your students read the stories of how scientists discovered scientific and mathematical laws, they acquire a deeper understanding of scientific concepts in physics, astronomy, and chemistry.

Clear, concise, elegant descriptions, and gorgeous illustrations make this lavish feast for the mind attractive and understandable.

Different books come from three perspectives: secular humanist evolution, creationist, and a surprising, scientific inquiry into evolution (not Darwinism) that demonstrates God's greatness. No other homeschool provider offers a similar program.

Your students will learn scientific thought to the present, including different perspectives so they will know the questions, and engage with a curious mind. With Sonlight J, your students will be prepared for further study, equipped with both humility and enthusiasm.

Although no school district requires "History of Science" as a subject, this program can be used as a World History course, and if you can fit this program in, your life will be richer for it.

Buy Sonlight J here.

Sonlight 120

Overview of the History

Instructor's Guides

We've formatted History 120 for independent study, if desired. Your History and Bible Parent Guide and separate History and Bible Student Guide weave materials together cohesively to direct your students with confidence each day.

The Parent Guide mirrors the Student Guide, but also includes answers and extra notes. So you can discuss their reading, check their progress, and bolster their academic and spiritual learning.

American History

Sonlight's 120 American History course offers a fascinating look at the ups and downs of the nation's past. As your children transition to independent learning, they will examine the events, people, and debates that molded the United States.

This course builds on the foundation of Joy Hakim's award-winning series A History of US. Hakim is an excellent storyteller. In her 10 volumes of history (and an eleventh book with original source documents), she tells the story from the first peoples who came to North America on. To the story, she adds additional fascinating sidebars, little tidbits of intrigue and interest. The whole set is profusely illustrated with photos, portraits, and political cartoons. The School Library Journal said, "One of the best nonfiction series of the decade. Impossible to put down." We agree. It's outstanding.

So the spine of the course is stellar. Yes. But to expand on Hakim, the Instructor's Guide has around 300 more pages of notes and articles. These offer counter-arguments to some of Hakim's views. With A History of US and the IG combined, you have an extraordinary tool to help your children think about, and understand, American History.

And there are 17 more history books to enjoy!

Some expand on a time: Before Columbus explores what America was like before Europeans arrived; The Yanks Are Coming offers wonderful details of WWI; World War II is self-explanatory in title,though the ideas are anything but normal.

Some are about specific people: Traitor: The Case of Benedict Arnold tells the story of the most famous turncoat in American history. The Great Little Madison tells of the Father of the Constitution, that weak-voiced thinker. David Wilkerson left a comfortable suburban pastorate to minister to gangs in New York. Cameron Townsend wondered how much more effective he would be as a missionary if the people had the Bible in their heart-language.

And some are about specific events: the story of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, or the Montgomery Bus Boycott; writing the Constitution, fighting the battle of Gettysburg, building the Panama Canal.

From making moonshine during Prohibition, to unconstitutional internment in prison camps during WWII; from Chinese labor in the Sierra Nevadas of California, to teens fighting in the Civil War, this course offers a wide range of perspectives, nationalities, and locations.

After their children have worked through Sonlight's 120 course, some parents have their children take the CLEP exam (the College Level Examination Program test that counts for college credit at some schools). These students pass.

Even though many of the Sonlight books are not "challenging" in their reading level, the quantity of titles, the memorability of the books, and the incredible range of topics, make the whole a thorough, enjoyable study of American History.

Biblical Studies

Teach your children to live out their faith. The Bible 110 program includes Scripture reading and practical lessons in how to study, interpret and apply the Scriptures in everyday life. Help your students build their theological framework, explore the evidence for our faith and develop discipline in prayer. Help you raise children who love God and know what and why they believe.

Estimated daily time for American History: Student: 45min.

Our high school courses are separated by subject to allow customers maximum flexibility. Feel free to buy either the History or the Literature, or both, or to mix-and-match with the History and Literature of other Sonlight courses.

Buy Sonlight 120 here.

Sonlight 130

Overview of the Literature

Instructor's Guides

Your Literature 130 Instructor's Guides (IG) weaves all your materials into one exciting and cohesive program. Starting in this upper-level program, you receive both a Literature and Language Arts Parent Guide and a separate Student Guide.

The Parent Guide mirrors the Student Guide, but also includes answers, provides extra notes and allows you to check their progress and discuss their reading. This format allows you to be as engaged or as hands-off as you and your students like.

American Historical Literature

Sonlight's 130 Literature moves roughly chronologically through American History. The books are in a variety of genres, including lyric poetry, short story, novella, novel, memoir, science fiction, historical fiction, and travelogue. There is a novel told in vignettes, a novel told from multiple points of view, an epistolary novel, and a novel-in-verse.

The setting of the books is also varied across the United States: Alaska, California, Idaho, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Michigan, Alabama, Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire. Also a covered wagon trip from Arkansas to Oregon, and a car road trip from Chicago to Texas.

You'll read a book about each of our North American neighbors: Elijah of Buxton takes place in Canada and My Heart Lies South takes place in Mexico.

The male and female authors are Caucasian, Africian-American, Abenaki, and Korean-American.

The Literature includes several mature works. The poetry book, for example, contains collections by six of America's top poets, including Whitman, Dickinson, Frost, and Sandburg.

You probably know the story of Rip Van Winkle, who went to the mountains and ended up asleep for twenty years. It's a classic American short story. The author has a scintillating vocabulary, which makes the simple story quite a challenging read.

Jack London's Call of Wild, about a California dog kidnapped to the Yukon during the Gold Rush, explores how deep our "civilization" really runs. What does life look like without external moral boundaries?

And the classic To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my favorites, looks at racial tension in the South, with a bit of courtroom drama (and who doesn't love that?).

Apart from these, most of the books are not challenging reads. Some of the topics are more mature than I'd prefer for elementary school children. For example, Keeping Score includes a character who returned from the Korean War with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after he witnessed war crimes. This is not comfortable history, though told gently. Rules of the Road's main character is a teen who has to figure out what it looks like to have a relationship with a drunk, deadbeat dad. Bonanza Girl, despite the incredible charm of the story, deals with intense racism in an Idaho gold-mining town.

None of these books focus on dark things. But they all include it, making this, I believe, an excellent transitional course, for upper middle school and lower high school.

Overall, this is a charming collection, diverse, interesting, enjoyable, and thought-provoking.

Life Skills

The counter-cultural view presented in Dating With Integrity challenges your children to stop and think about how they view dating. It also provides a great opportunity for you to discuss positive, healthy interaction with members of the opposite sex.

Language Arts

Fully integrated with the Literature, this year's Language Arts builds on past years and continues to develop literary analysis, creative writing, research, and essay skills, with weekly writing assignments in a range of lengths and topics.

Estimated daily time for American Literature: Student: 45min.

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