Personalize Your Homeschool Curriculum Package

Choose a homeschool program that matches your child's unique skills and abilities.

It's a common occurrence for children to excel in some areas and perhaps lag a bit in others. Sonlight's SmoothCourseTM curriculum builder tool lets you put together a personalized homeschool curriculum package that addresses the unique needs of each child across all subjects. Your price will reflect the materials you choose, so you only pay for the things you need!

When you build your own, customized curriculum package, you also have the mix-n-match flexibility for all of your subjects, and we'll even walk you through the steps to building a complete, All-Subjects Package.

Imagine how smoothly your days will go and how well-supported your children will be in every subject area when the curriculum meets them where they are.

Here's how it works:

  1. Choose your first student's age (you'll have the option to add a second student later).
  2. Choose one of the recommended History / Bible / Literature programs.
  3. Click on the Customize Package button
  4. Choose the appropriate subjects to build your personalized All-Subjects Package. Note that you can add up to two students. Please contact us if you would like help building a package that combines more than 2 students.
  5. Enjoy the program you've created!

Chose Your Student's Age

Choose your first student's age. You will have the option to add a second student later.

The SmoothCourseTM tool will offer a selection of History / Bible / Literature programs based on your chosen age. Choose which program appeals to you most to begin. Then click the CUSTOMIZE PACKAGE button to move to Step 3 where you'll build and customize your curriculum choices.

Pick a History / Bible / Literature Program

Choose a History / Bible / Literature program that includes Bible, history, geography, read-alouds, readers, and an Instructor's Guide for one child for one year.

Use the chart on the right to see which levels are appropriate for your child’s age. Then choose a level based on the topics you want to study. If you aren’t sure which topic to choose, we recommend selecting the middle level for your child’s age. For example, if your student is 7 years old, Levels A and B would be fitting.

Teaching Multiple Students?
Combine students within a 3-year age range into one level. When choosing a single program for two or more children, we recommend choosing the lowest level suitable for your oldest child.

    • For example, if you have a 6 and an 8-year-old, choose the lowest level suggested for an 8-year-old—Level A.
    • If you have an 8 and a 10-year-old, you would choose the lowest level suggested for a 10-year-old—Level C or B+C.

Don't worry about your older student being challenged enough. They will experience impactful and lasting connections between the people, places, and events they learn about through vivid stories and engaging discussion.

Click to open a larger file.

Customize Your Package

After you've picked your History / Bible / Literature program, add the other subjects that you want to teach. Sonlight offers choices for every subject and all ages to round out your year and provide extra enrichment for your children. We offer placement tests as needed to ensure you choose the appropriate level for each student.

SmoothCourseTM allows you to add up to two students. Please contact us if you would like help building a package that combines more than 2 students.

Review & Order

Before you check out, take a quick look to ensure you have everything you need and have received the maximum savings.

  • A History / Bible / Literature program is automatically discounted at 15% off retail and includes SonlightCares™ benefits.
  • Add science, language arts, math, handwriting (HBL K-C), and spelling (HBL D-F) to your History / Bible / Literature program and you'll qualify for an All-Subjects Package, which automatically provides you with a 20% off retail discount and SonlightCares™ benefits.

Have Questions? Get Expert Help Now.

Our experienced Homeschool Advisors are standing by to answer any questions you have. Plus, they can review your order to ensure you have everything you need—free! Contact an Advisor or use the CHECK CART feature during checkout.


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Regardless of the curriculum path you choose, we believe you'll have a delightful experience learning together with Sonlight. If you need assistance, advice or encouragement at any time, we're here to support your homeschool adventure.

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