What makes a Sonlight Curriculum History / Bible / Literature program useful for multiple grades?

Sonlight uses the term grade in relation to those components of the curriculum that are indeed grade specific. (For example: the Reader and Language Arts Packages; Math programs; and Handwriting packages). Just as one may find freshmen and graduate students taking the same college course, so, too, with Sonlight Curriculum's History / Bible / Literature packages. Your choice of "level" should be based more on content than on a label we assigned to the program. You may wonder, how this can be.

The primary reason: Sonlight is a history focused literature-based curriculum and great literature (unlike most textbooks!) is appropriate for a wide range of ages. Our experience with our eldest daughter, a straight-A student according to classroom school teachers, demonstrated this. She studied the Sonlight History / Bible / Literature F program to good purpose when she was, by age, in eighth grade. Other parents have told us much the same thing: each program can be used with little difficulty by students with a broad range of ages.

Truly, what is more important: your child's knowledge base, or the label someone happens to have placed on a curriculum guide? We adults don't choose the books we read and the courses we take based on an arbitrary label; why should we choose in that manner for our kids? If your child has not studied the most spiritually needy peoples and places on earth (the subject matter of our level F program), it may be time she did — whether she's in fifth or eighth grade.

While each curriculum level may be used by a wide range of students, we have deliberately pre-designed each year's program to be used by students in the suggested grade range. (The "Eastern Hemisphere" Instructor's Guide, for example, includes assignments appropriate for students in fifth through eighth grades; level G "World History, Year 1 of 1," for sixth through eighth; 200 "History of God's Kingdom," for ninth through twelfth; etc.)

Sonlight's literature base gives you great flexibility. Capitalize on it! You have the eighteen-week full-half-year guarantee. If things really don't work out, return your program for a full refund.