Homeschool Curriculum Packages

The Christian homeschool curriculum packages from Sonlight can remove the stress of organizing your child's education. Learn more about Sonlight® Christian homeschool course packages on the curriculum page.

For many parents, the thought of homeschooling their children can be daunting. The complexities of lesson plans, organizing the homeschool curriculum and managing to make every day educational and interesting can often times be too much. The Christian homeschool curriculum packages from Sonlight® can remove the stress caused by organizing your child's education. These Christian homeschool curriculum packages include nearly everything you'll need to educate one or more students for an entire year. Consisting of Sonlight History / Bible / Literature programs as well as Language Arts, Science, and a variety of electives like art and music, our comprehensive Christian homeschool curriculum packages can alleviate the wonder of what to do and how to do it. For information on everything from pre-K homeschool course packages to high school level packages, please browse Sonlight's curriculum, because we have Christian Homeschool Curriculum Packages that are right for students of every age and learning level.

Homeschool Curriculum-Packages for K-12 homeschooling

Sonlight simplifies your search for the Christian homeschool curriculum packages you'll need for both your preschooler and your teenager. Our Christian K-12 homeschool curriculum includes almost everything you need, including schedules, books and other materials that guide you through planning your family's education. Just select the Christian homeschool curriculum packages you're interested in, all under one convenient product number. Math, however, is not included in the comprehensive programs so you can select the level that best suits your child.

At Sonlight, we simplify your ability to find the K-12 Christian homeschool curriculum that includes everything you'll need to teach your child for an entire year. For multiple students, you may need to order extra consumable materials. You can receive free shipping in the Lower 48 States for your Christian homeschool curriculum packages.

Save 15% with Christian Homeschool Curriculum Packages from Sonlight

Push far beyond History / Bible / Literature programs with the comprehensive Christian homeschool curriculum packages from Sonlight. When you order a Comprehensive Package from Sonlight, simply choose your math and electives and save 15% on the whole order. You can save valuable time and money with our Christian homeschool curriculum packages. Imagine the comfort of knowing that you've left nothing out of your child's education and that the materials are designed to work together. Begin your child's Christian-based education with Sonlight Homeschool Curriculum Packages.

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