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Christian Homeschool History Curriculum You Can't Put Down

As the centerpiece of Sonlight®, our homeschool History curriculum is designed to give an overview of key events and people of the past. This can help History "come alive" for your child and make it hard for them to pull themselves away from it. Those that have made substantial contributions to our development as humans, and more importantly the advancement of God's Kingdom are studied through their biographies. Our homeschool History curriculum pays special attention to the examples set by those whose virtue and accomplishments we would like to emulate. For more information on our homeschool History curriculum, please follow this link: Compelling Homeschool History Curriculum.

Learn by Example with Homeschool History Curriculum

The purpose of using primarily biographies is to provide heroes whose examples can be followed and adopted as your child's own. The homeschool History curriculum we offer also covers the villains. Those who may have admirable accomplishments to their name, but whose career paths should be avoided. Also those whose capacity for evil have caused great stress for God's people. Our Christian homeschool History curriculum is designed to encourage your children's desire to follow the examples set by those who provide a positive example.

Homeschool History Curriculum and More!

Wile providing you with a comprehensive and thorough Christian homeschool History curriculum, we also offer the option of building your own curriculum in many other subjects. You may also enjoy the benefit of selecting from our curriculum packages. Coming up with the materials and a plan for homeschooling your child can be difficult. With our curriculum packages you will have virtually everything you need to teach one or more students for a year. Along with our homeschool History curriculum, you will find Language Arts, Science, and various Electives like art and music. Start browsing our selection, or learn more about Sonlight by visiting our homepage.

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