How to pick your curriculum


Be confident in your purchase. Follow these three steps.

Step 1: Pick a history program

Sonlight teaches with stories, not workbooks or rote memorization. From the time of Moses (writing the first books of the Bible), to Jesus teaching His disciples, on through today, the best teachers know that stories are enjoyable, memorable, and life-changing.

Choose a Sonlight program and introduce your family to the world through books that your children will want to read again and again. Discover stories your whole family will enjoy.

From age 4 on, you have several options to choose from. Pick the program that sounds best to you. Get one of these packages and immediately save 10% off retail.

Once you've picked your history, add the other subjects you want to teach. Get a complete All-Subjects Package and save 20% off retail and 10% off everything else in your order.

Step 2: Add other subjects

Sonlight offers choices for every subject and all ages.

We'll walk you through, and offer placement tests as needed.

Step 3: Review and order

When you buy all your subjects, you save even more (up to 20% off retail for the All-Subjects Package)! Before you check out, take a quick look to ensure you have the maximum savings and everything you need.

That's it. Simple. Smooth. And you're ready for your year.

Let's get started!

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