How to choose your Sonlight curriculum

Sonlight offers multiple curriculum options, each completely customizable to meet your family’s needs.
Start by choosing one of the three options below and customize online.
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History / Bible /
Literature (HBL)

Sonlight® History / Bible / Literature Program
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Package (ASP)

Sonlight® All-Subjects Package
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Subjects & Items

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Choose 4- or 5-Day

Each HBL program includes a year’s worth of history, geography, Bible and all required books, all connected with an award-winning Instructor’s Guide. Start with an HBL and add additional subjects.

Choose 4- or 5-Day

The convenience of an all-in-one boxed curriculum, with the flexibility of customization and adaptable age ranges. An ASP is your complete homeschool year, all ready-to go. Includes all the subjects you need: your HBL program, math, science, and language arts for one child for one year.

All of our subjects and materials can be purchased individually, including our award-winning Instructor’s Guides. Shop science, math, language arts, handwriting, spelling, electives, and more.

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Sonlight education.
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Total peace of mind.
Choose the materials that suit your needs.
Instructor's Guide Instructor's Guides Instructor's Guides
Parent Guides Parent Guides Parent Guides
Student Guides Student Guides Student Guides
History/Geography History/Geography History/Geography
History/Bible History/Bible History/Bible
Bible Bible Bible
Read-Alouds Read-Alouds Read-Alouds
Readers Readers Readers
Add Language Arts Language Arts Language Arts
Literature/Language Arts Literature/Language Arts Literature/Language Arts
Add Spelling (K-5) Spelling (K-5) Spelling (K-5)
Add Handwriting (K-3) Handwriting (K-3) Handwriting (K-3)
Add Science Science Science
Add Math Math Math
Add Resources Resources Resources
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Entire Package!
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*Percent off Retail Price. Preschool and Pre-K are not available as All-Subjects Packages as they have unique subjects specific to those age spans.

A Sonlight History / Bible / Literature program includes History, Readers, Read-Alouds, Bible, and an Instructor's Guide. An All-Subjects Package includes History / Bible / Literature plus Language Arts, Spelling (K-5), Handwriting (K-3), Math, Science, and Required Resources. Click here for the complete Scope and Sequence.

Teaching Multiple Students?

Combine students within a 3-year age range into one History / Bible / Literature level and one Science program. Then, simply add on skill-specific subjects for each child, according to ability: language arts, math, spelling, handwriting. When choosing a single program for two or more children, we recommend choosing the lowest level suitable for your oldest child. Click here to learn more about teaching multiple students with Sonlight.

Want help choosing materials? If at any point you need help choosing a program or customizing your options, our homeschool consultants are here to help! Contact an Advisor, for free personalized assistance.

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