How do I modify a program for an older or younger student?

If you need to modify our curriculum for a younger student, simply slow the pace or ignore one or more of the assignments.

If you need to modify Sonlight® for an older student, you may substitute one of the Advanced Readers programs for the Regular Readers programs in the younger courses, or assign your student extra projects or reading.

You can peruse our catalog for more books related to the subject you are studying, or take a field trip to the library to check out books related to your subject matter. You should also expect longer writing assignments from your older student than what may be assigned in the Instructor's Guide and a deeper understanding and application of the content your child reads.

Sonlight Connections is a great place to get more tips and hints from other Sonlight families who are using our Curriculum with an older or younger student.

Please see the attached PDFs for visual samples of how you can combine curriculum resources to teach two or more children with a single History / Bible / Literature program.