Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting 1

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Re-introduces the twenty-six upper- and lowercase letters. Letters are arranged alphabetically.

The Getty-Dubay Italic Handwriting program has won a lot of accolades.

We first considered adding it to our line because so many customers requested it. The decision was clinched, however, when one of our sons, whose handwriting was atrocious, and who would not-or could not-make any improvements under the A Reason for Handwriting program, began making noticeable strides from the first day we used Getty-Dubay.

Getty-Dubay Basic Italic B

(approx. 1st grade)

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Consumable workbook. Re-introduces the twenty-six upper- and lowercase letters one letter per page. Letters are arranged alphabetically. Uses individual words and sentences.


Getty-Dubay Instruction Manual

(for Italic Handwriting)

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Recommended Resource for the Getty-Dubay program. Contains helpful hints for teaching Books A-G. Covers assessment, implementation, activities and supplements.


Lined Paper Tablet for level K

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40 Sheets of 3-line, 1 1/8"-ruled paper for use with A Reason for Handwriting K, Getty-Dubay Italic K or Getty-Dubay Italic 1 programs.


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