27 Reasons Families Love Sonlight®

Find out if they might be your reasons, too.

Homeschool parents tell us that Sonlight® curriculum helps them joyfully learn alongside their children instead of simply handing them materials and expecting their children to educate themselves. They say the entire process becomes a joy for parents and children.

Sound intriguing? Here are 27 reasons customers tell us they're convinced Sonlight is a captivating, user-friendly, God-honoring curriculum.

Might these become your reasons for using Sonlight, too?

With Sonlight you receive:

1. Great books that form the foundation of a great education.

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Sonlight helps you build a library your entire family will want to read again and again. You'll pass on a love for truly great books that inspire your kids--AND you--to be life-long learners.

2. Literature-based learning that makes history "come alive."

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Sonlight's story-centered approach transforms "schoolwork" into "edge-of-your-seat" living history. Your children will remember more of what they learn because they won't merely study it in dry textbooks; they will experience it through living books.

3. The benefit of experts who research and gather all the best tools for you.

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Our curriculum development team strategically chooses the best books and products and we send them straight to you, ready for a year of learning. Sonlight does the searching so you can spend that busy "hunting for books" time with your family instead.

4. More time to interact with your children.

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Sonlight minimizes the prep work and maximizes the time you have for discussions with your children about issues that matter to you (many of which you wouldn't have even thought to bring up). With our Instructor's Guides--designed for homeschoolers--you'll find you engage in heartfelt, thoughtful discussions on a regular basis.

5. A learning (and teaching) experience that you enjoy as much as your children do.

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According to most of our customers, Sonlight's educational materials inform, challenge and inspire YOU, the teaching parent, as much as they do your children. Not only does that create great memories for you and your kids together, it means you're motivated, yourself, to finish the course.

6. A biblical base that provides a solid intellectual and spiritual foundation for your kids.

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Sonlight Curriculum's purpose and world-view are grounded in and motivated by Scripture. We believe the Bible is a necessary foundation for all learning and we unapologetically seek to arm students with a strong understanding of their faith as it relates to every area of life.

7. Curriculum that helps children gain a balanced perspective on controversial issues.

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We do the research necessary to reduce one-sided arguments to a minimum and provide responsible answers to the biases inevitably present in almost every book. We help students fairly analyze different views from a Christian worldview.

8. Curriculum that fosters a broad and godly view of the world.

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Your children will discover cultures and rich histories that span thousands of years. Indeed, they will engage three times as much world history as found in any typical educational program. Sonlight sparks interest and compassion in your children for the peoples and cultures of different lands and helps them develop a godly heart for the world.

9. A liberal arts and hard sciences emphasis that prepares children to be cultural leaders.

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Traditionally, the scholarly pursuit of the liberal arts and sciences is the best training to influence culture. Scriptural examples of influential "lettered men" include Moses, Daniel and the Apostle Paul.

10. Curriculum that directs your children toward worthy life goals.

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The greatest heroes are those who not only overcome their personal limitations, but who also stand up to fearsome foes and put ends to great evils. Sonlight highlights these kinds of heroes in order to direct students to purposeful lives and godly goals.

11. Curriculum that trains students to engage different points of view with gracious humility.

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In anticipation of their world-changing roles, Sonlight strives to develop students who will listen carefully so as to understand the views of people who hold opinions different from theirs. So when the opportunity comes, they are able to express opinions worth hearing in such a way that their audience is willing to listen.

12. A friendly community of homeschoolers to help and encourage you.

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The Sonlight® Forums offer warm community, great advice, and the chance to meet kindred spirits. Occasionally, these parents get together locally to meet and share in person. You can also find community on Facebook and the Sonlight® Blog.

13. A tremendous value.

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Even if you never enjoy the incredible discounts (huge savings on All-Subjects and History / Bible / Literature Packages, and 10% off nearly everything else for a year), the free shipping, the one-year trial, and the college scholarship opportunities that are yours when you purchase History / Bible / Literature or All-Subjects Packages, Sonlight Curriculum is still an excellent value.

You can reuse much (sometimes 90%) of Sonlight® materials with multiple children. And the majority of your books, you will find, will build a library your family will enjoy for a lifetime. Great education and top-notch entertainment all at once. Can you imagine a better use of your family's funds?

14. The option to teach two or more children with one program.

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Our literature focus gives you the flexibility to combine ages as you teach. Older and younger kids alike can benefit from the books you read aloud. Why not save time and money?

15. Assignments that readily meet all your children's academic needs.

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Our programs provide academic challenges for advanced students, yet average students and others with learning disabilities find remarkable success with Sonlight. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to make it work for your family. We've made adaptation easy.

16. Maximized educational value through strategic attention to children's developmental needs.

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At early ages, children can understand far more than they are able to read. That's why we urge parents to read aloud to younger kids--and why we carefully design child-friendly type size and layout in books children will read for themselves. They grow in excitement to learn instead of frustration.

17. One-stop shopping convenience.

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Sure. You can purchase many of the books we carry elsewhere. But you won't be able to find all the components in one place nor order them with a single click of a button--not in any one place besides Sonlight Curriculum, Ltd.!

We gather your materials together, package them, and ship them to you FREE (or at deep discounts). Which means you can enjoy more time with your family and less time "book hunting."

18. Homeschool support, from personal consultations to videos and articles.

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Sonlight® Homeschool Advisors are experienced homeschool moms ready to answer your questions for free, offer curriculum suggestions, and share in your struggles. And please don't hesitate to sign up for our email series full of homeschooling tips.

19. Schedules you can easily follow or modify as you go.

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Your entire year's schedule is outlined for you. You can see each week at a glance and choose whether to nibble on a bit of each subject each day or focus on one subject at a time.

20. Access to a company that actually listens to you!

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We want to make your job as a homeschool parent easier, give you more confidence, help you overcome obstacles, and protect your family's interests. So we offer lots of ways for you to give us feedback and get help. We listen to your suggestions and incorporate your ideas. Many of our products and services today sprang from customers' input!

21. Instructor's Guides that walk beside you every day, ready to help.

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No formal jargon or heavy-handed statements about the "right" way for you to teach your kids. Instead you'll find a knowledgeable and experienced friend who speaks your language, addresses your concerns, and offers suggestions.

Sonlight History / Bible / Literature Instructor's Guides schedule every History / Bible / Literature subject (History, Geography, Bible, and Reading) as an integrated learning experience. You can easily add our separate Language Arts, Science Packages with complete Instructor's Guides as well.

22. Time (because we eliminate unnecessary busy work).

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Tap into the Sonlight forums anytime to get activity ideas from other parents. But we've carefully screened out materials that require unnecessary effort or "learning" activities that, in our opinion, involve more preparation than their educational benefits merit. In other words, we save you time.

23. An unparalleled one-year trial.

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No other homeschool curriculum offers such a generous, comprehensive guarantee: Take a full year to use up to 18 weeks of your Sonlight® All-Subjects Package or History / Bible / Literature package. If it does not surpass all your expectations and desires, please return it (used books and all) for a full refund. Get the full details of Sonlight's Love to Learn Guarantee.

24. FREE shipping (for all History / Bible / Literature purchasers in the lower 48 states).

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We make shipping more affordable than any outside option for all our customers, even if they're overseas.

25. A 10% discount on all additional materials for a year when you purchase a History / Bible / Literature or All-Subjects Package.

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A History / Bible / Literature curriculum purchase also makes you eligible for a full year of discounts, special gifts and more. (See all the Sonlight benefits.)

26. Payment plan options that help make Sonlight budget-friendly.

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You can choose to pay for your curriculum over three, six or nine months. Click here for more information about Sonlight's Payment Plans.

27. The opportunity to encourage Kingdom efforts around the world when you buy from Sonlight.

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We count it as a privilege to support international missions, church planting, literacy, education and disaster relief efforts that touch the lives and hearts of people around the world--especially in the neediest parts of the planet, such as the "10/40 Window." We also enable motivated customers to participate directly in these efforts along with us.


Thanks for reading a few of the reasons families love Sonlight. If these reasons appeal to you, I encourage you to give Sonlight a try. With Sonlight's unbeatable one-year guarantee, you have nothing to lose and a whole world of learning to gain.

God bless you as you choose which curriculum will help you mold and shape your children into life-long learners.