Homeschooling in Nevada: Guidance for Getting Started

If you are considering homeschooling in Nevada or are currently a Nevada homeschooler, this guide is for you. We cover Nevada state homeschool requirements, documentation, attendance, Nevada field trips, and what daily life really looks like as a homeschooler in Nevada. This is everything you need to successfully homeschool in The Silver State. 

Homeschooling in Nevada: Guidance for Getting StartedHomeschooling in Nevada: Guidance for Getting Started

DISCLAIMER: This article is not written as legal advice. Check with your local school board and official Nevada laws before making decisions about educating your children.

Homeschooling in Nevada: Guidance for Getting StartedHomeschooling in Nevada: Guidance for Getting Started

Is it easy to homeschool in Nevada?

Nevada is considered a “low regulation state” by the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). This means that homeschoolers in Nevada are given flexibility and independence in how they homeschool their children. This makes homeschooling in Nevada much easier than in other, more regulated states. 

The number of families homeschooling in the state has been on the rise for years, with a more than 10% increase in the last two years alone. This means you’ll be in good company educating your children at home in Nevada, and have access to more and more resources for homeschoolers.

The J. Family, Sonlighters from Las Vegas, NVThe J. Family, Sonlighters from Las Vegas, NV
The J. Family, Sonlighters from Las Vegas, NV

Requirements for Homeschooling in Nevada

Although Nevada is a low-regulation state, there are two basic, minimum requirements you must satisfy in order to homeschool. 

  1. You must file a one-time notice of intent to homeschool with your school district.
  2. You must teach state-required subjects in your homeschool.

Let’s explore each of these requirements.

One time notice of intent

The State of Nevada requires homeschooling parents to file a one-time notice of intent to homeschool. This essentially notifies the state that you will be homeschooling and provides basic information about your family. The notice of intent must be filed within 30 days of moving to the state, or no more than 10 days after you withdraw your child from public school.

The Nevada Department of Education has a standardized form for the notice. It includes:

  • Your child’s name, age, and gender
  • Parent’s name and address
  • A parent statement from you, signed and dated, stating that you assume full responsibility for your child’s education and that you are legally homeschooling
  • An educational plan appropriate for your child’s age and level of skill, showing that you will be teaching the required subjects 
  • The name of the Nevada public school your child most recently attended (if applicable)

The school district superintendent is expected to acknowledge your notice of intent with a letter. It is important to retain this letter in your records to show that you are in compliance with Nevada homeschool statutes.

State required subjects

Under Nevada’s homeschool law, you are also required to teach your child the following subjects:

  • English ( reading, composition, and writing)
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies ( history, geography, government, and economics)

While you are required to teach these subjects, how you teach them is entirely up to you under Nevada state law.

How many days are required for homeschool in Nevada?

There is no minimum number of days or hours required for homeschoolers in Nevada. 

Many parents find that homeschooling takes a lot less time than a typical public school day. This is because homeschooling is much more efficient. 

In public schools, teachers have to spend time on classroom management, moving children from the classroom to recess, library, and lunch, and splitting teaching hours between 20 or more students. You will find that eliminating these aspects of a school day allows you to focus on what’s most important in your child’s learning and that it takes a significantly less amount of time!

Because there are no minimum number of days or hours required for Nevada homeschoolers, documentation related to attendance is also not required.

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The H. Family, Sonlighters from Sparks, NVThe H. Family, Sonlighters from Sparks, NV
The H. Family, Sonlighters from Sparks, NV

Getting Starting & Daily Life Homeschooling In Nevada

With so few regulations, you may be wondering where to start as you begin homeschooling in Nevada. Once you have submitted your notice of intent, you’ve met the first state requirement. What do you do next?

A great place to start is with our 101 Guide to Getting Started as a Homeschooler. This guide helps you learn more about the various options available to you as a homeschooler and provides a roadmap to your first year. 

Most homeschoolers find that before beginning any real learning, it helps to create a plan for learning and an overall routine for your day-to-day schedule. These two videos will help you prepare. 

Do you have to have a curriculum for homeschooling in Nevada?

While homeschoolers in Nevada are required to teach very specific subjects (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies) how you go about teaching them is entirely up to you. This means you do not have to have a specific curriculum to homeschool in Nevada. 

With so much flexibility, it can be a little overwhelming to find the learning resources you need for your homeschool. Although legally, homeschooling without a set curriculum is allowed, having a comprehensive, engaging curriculum makes homeschooling so much easier!

The Sonlight All-Subjects Package has everything you need to homeschool in Nevada. You’ll have the confidence of knowing that you are easily meeting all Nevada homeschool requirements and provide a rich and immersive learning experience for your child. 

As you choose learning resources for your homeschool, you may wonder about online learning. While digitally-based learning has its place in homeschooling, we want you to know that there are incredible benefits to a literature-based approach to learning. Literature and story are the foundation of every subject in all Sonlight curriculum options, creating experiential learning for your child’s growing mind. (Learn more about the significance of Sonlight’s literature-based approach.)

Homeschool Curriculum Comparison ChecklistHomeschool Curriculum Comparison Checklist

What do I need to homeschool my child in Nevada?

Once you have an idea of your homeschool approach and overall plan for learning, you will want to begin to choose a curriculum and resources to teach each of the subjects required in Nevada.

We also recommend that you set aside a specific space in your house to organize all of your homeschool materials and learning resources. It is NOT necessary to devote an entire room to learning. In fact, many families find that learning happens most often around the dining room table or on the couch in the living room!

At what age is school mandatory in Nevada?

School is compulsory for all children ages 7-18 in Nevada. This includes homeschoolers. 

How long can you homeschool a child in Nevada?

In Nevada, you can homeschool your child for all of their ages 7-18 education. You may also choose to homeschool for any portion of that time. The choice is yours for each year that your child is of school age.

Can you skip kindergarten in Nevada?

Because school is not mandatory for children until the age of 7, you can choose whether or not you would like to complete kindergarten with your child. 

If you are interested in providing a rich early childhood learning experience for your child before the compulsory education age, Sonlight offers the following early years programs:

  1. product-img
    Pre-Kindergarten Package
  2. product-img
    All-Subjects Package K