Sing the Word: Scripture-Memory Albums

These popular Scripture-memory albums in Sonlight K-G are available as either CD or digital download. As part of your History / Bible / Literature (HBL) or All-Subjects Package (ASP) purchase, you get both the digital download and the physical product.

Each Sing the Word CD is filled with wonderful Bible memory songs. Various musical styles, beautifully arranged for children's voices using orchestral and ethnic instruments.

Each CD features all the Bible memory verses from a particular Sonlight History / Bible / Literature program, but these delightful albums are great for anyone—Sonlighter or not! Enjoy learning Bible passages set to music.

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    Sing the Word! Teach Me Your Paths
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    Sing the Word: From A to Z
  3. product-img
    Sing the Word: God Our Provider
  4. product-img
    Sing the Word: The Heavens Declare
  5. product-img
    Sing the Word: All Nations Shall Worship
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    Sing the Word: Credo - I Believe...