Science 450

High School Physics (450)

The 400-Level physics program provides a wonderful, advanced high school level science experience, well-suited for college preparation. Students explore physics laws related to topics such as velocity, torque and speed of light and sound. Students should have a strong math foundation since the text is filled with formulas, practical applications and experiments.

The course style is similar to the Biology and Chemistry studies. Exploring Creation With Physics--supported with "solutions and tests," a multimedia CD-ROM, and experiments--is the program's central learning tool. It presents 16 modules which follow the format of subject presentation, "solve on your own" problems with answers thoroughly explained, and end-of-module test questions.

The modules cover a variety of physics laws and concepts vital to those considering the engineering or physics fields: velocity, acceleration, friction, momentum, the speed of light and sound, torque, tension, energy, fuses, and circuits. Exploring Creation With Physics incorporates situations and objects present in an adolescent's everyday life to help illustrate and reinforce key points.

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