An inspiring tale of one boy's western adventures

Many great classics center around a coming-of-age tale, but none compare to the touching stories found in Ralph Moody's recollection of his boyhood on a Colorado farm during the days of cattle drives and seedy saloons, cowboys and cross-country train rides. With all the attraction of Little House on the Prairie (and more!), you'll find yourself wrapped up in Moody's stunningly well-written and deeply personal accounts of life out west.

With great vigor and a deep revelation of the human condition, Moody tells his gripping boyhood tales of business adventures, wonderful (and sometimes not-so-wonderful) characters he meets along the way, and growing up as a child in an adult world. Our youngest son Justin and I read one book right after the other throughout the summer when he was 13. We always quit reading with the sad thought that it's too bad there aren't enough hours in the evening!

Lessons worth sharing

There are few things more important in today's world than teaching our young people to have virtuous intentions and learning to have a heart filled with kindness. Though a young Ralph encounters unruly characters (and even a cranky, mean-spirited grandfather) throughout his adventures, his perseverance overshadows his human nature as he develops a strong work ethic and a servant's heart.

You'll love Moody's heartwarming autobiographical collection as he paints an inspiring yet realistic picture of life in the early twentieth century. The colorful portrayal of each character depicts a steady stream of hope and optimism often overlooked in today's world. Whether spending time on a lazy summer afternoon on the porch with your children or pouring through a chapter each night as a bed time story, this collection is great for reading aloud with your entire family and presents wonderful values for today's young people. For adults, Moody's books will still captivate you - you'll enjoy them just as much as your children, if not more!

Books included in our History / Bible / Literature programs

We've included two of Moody's titles in some of our packages: (Little Britches in History / Bible / Literature E and The Dry Divide in History / Bible / Literature 400).

If you're looking to complete your Ralph Moody collection, our six-volume set is a great way to do so. If you already own one (or two) of our programs that include books by Moody, this five-volume set will undoubtedly be a wonderful addition to the books you already own.

Most of the books are appropriate for Read-Aloud Level 3 - Adult, and Read-Alone Level 4 - Adult, with the exception of The Fields of Home and The Dry Divide. Both books contain thematic elements related to abusive persons which you may find more appropriate for an older audience, around Grade 6 - Adult for Read-Aloud and Grade 7 - Adult for Read-Alone. Rest assured we've put careful thought into promoting this classic collection as part of the Sonlight's "Just Great Books." Each book is emotionally engrossing and can be used to generate positive discussion between you and your family, in turn instilling valuable life lessons your children will cherish.

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