Homeschool Music Curriculum

Music is a powerful medium.

Sonlight uses music to help kids memorize information. Just think about how you learned your ABCs. Musical memorization tools for your homeschool help students learn science facts, multiplication tables, geography and Scripture through the power of song.

Sonlight also offers tools so you can teach your children to play and appreciate music. Learn how to play the piano or start your musical journey with the recorder. Be sure to check out our engaging music appreciation and resources, as well.

The V Family Sonlighters, from Arlington, WAThe V Family Sonlighters, from Arlington, WA

Homeschool Music Lessons & Curriculum

Homeschool Music Memory Aids

Audio MemoryAudio Memory

Audio Memory

Learn history, geography, math facts, and science facts through song.

Sing the WordSing the Word

Sing the Word

These popular Scripture-memory albums are available as either CD or digital download. Included in Sonlight K-G.

Bible Singalong Collection - CDBible Singalong Collection - CD

Bible Singalong

This 3 CD collection is a great way to entertain kids while teaching them Bible stories.

Patriotic Kids' Songs CDPatriotic Kids' Songs CD

Songs About America

Celebrate America's history with 21 songs spanning over 200 years of memorable times in America's history. Learn facts about geography, historic moments, famous people, and more.

Homeschool Music Appreciation Resources

Classical MusicClassical Music

Classical Music

Discover the magic of classical music with your children.



Develop excellent listeners and make over four hundred years of musical history come alive using the SQUILT technique.

Learn to Play an Instrument at Home

Learn to play the piano at home with Piano Prodigy!Learn to play the piano at home with Piano Prodigy!

Piano Prodigy

A fun, intuitive program that teaches your children to play the piano through a natural game ... even if you have no music experience! Be sure to check out Piano Prodigy Holidays too!

Bastien PianoBastien Piano

Bastien Piano Basics

Generations can enjoy the experience of learning how to play piano and how to understand music theory with Bastien.

Other InstrumentsOther Instruments

Recorder Basics

Broaden your student's music education with an easy and inexpensive instrument.

Additional Music Resources

Samson Carbon 49-Note USB KeyboardSamson Carbon 49-Note USB Keyboard

Samson Carbon 49

This easy-to-use 49-note USB keyboard makes musical performance and production accessible to everyone.

Nine Note Recorder MethodNine Note Recorder Method

Nine Note Recorder Method

Students progress through 125 songs, including seasonal and multicultural pieces, plus over 80 duets.

Color Piano Key StickersColor Piano Key Stickers

Color Piano Key Stickers

Reusable color piano key and keyboard stickers for use with Piano Prodigy.