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Homeschooling Packages

A variety of subjects are covered in our K-12 homeschool curriculum. Everything from math to Christian studies is available. Our comprehensive packages can start you out with kindergarten and first grade homeschool curriculum and take you through high school. Electives are available for subjects like music, foreign language and art. Whether you're just starting your child's K-12 homeschool curriculum, or you've been doing it for some time, the Sonlight® programs and packages are sure to get you and your child excited about learning. Our literature-based programs put a strong emphasis on building comprehensive reading skills. Find out how Sonlight Christian K-12 homeschool curriculum and prepared or customized packages for homeschooling can start, or continue, your child's education the right way.

Useful Instructor's Guides

One of the most common complaints among parents about their K-12 homeschool curriculum is the amount of time needed to prepare lessons that will be effective. Our Instructor's Guides can alleviate the stress of creating your own lesson plans. Years of experience and customer feedback have gone into the design of our Instructor's Guides for K-12 homeschool curriculum. Just one of these guides can provide an amazing amount of support for the topics you are teaching. In fact, there are three different Instructor's Guides for nearly every year (one for each of the History / Bible / Literature, Language Arts, and Science courses). These invaluable resources can help make your high school, middle school or first grade homeschool curriculum easy to plan and teach.

Comprehensive K-12 Homeschool Curriculum

If you're looking for a pre-built package for your homeschooling, or would like to customize your own education program, Sonlight Curriculum can provide the K-12 homeschool curriculum that best meets your family's needs. Located in Littleton, Colorado, we serve customers in over 150 countries throughout the world. Although we do not have any retail locations, we offer free shipping for K-12 homeschool curriculum orders. So what are you waiting for? Learn all about our quality K-12 homeschool curriculum for your little learners today.