FLG4: Language Arts F (4-Day), Week 4 Dictation

Updated Content

Please note that the dictation passage listed in the notes of Week 4 of the Language Arts F (4-Day) Instructor’s Guide is incorrect (from House of Sixty Fathers p. 108). The correct dictation passage for the week is listed on the Week 4 Activity Sheet. We apologize for the frustration this has caused (10.2017).

House of Sixty Fathers p. 53

Tien Pao brought up mud from the bottom of the paddy and plastered his face with the oozy, syrupy, reeking stuff. He rolled himself in it. With bluish, vile mud dripping from him Tien Pao stood up and studied the little pig critically. He was encouraged. The thick mud must fool the spirits! Why, Glory-of-the-Republic looked like nothing but a mud ball with four mud legs. If his own plaster of mud was as good, the mountain spirits wouldn’t recognize him as the same scared, weak, hungry boy.
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