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MathTacular 4 Package

DVD + Workbook + Answer Key

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Age Range: 9-11
Grade Range: 4-6
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This hilarious adventure gives your children the tools to face pesky word problems with confidence.

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Note: This complete set is for grades 6 and up. The DVD by itself is for grades 4 and up.

Crack the code of word problems. Justin is back to show you how!

Crisis has hit the MathTacular gang: Amber Waves's precious prize pig has been porknapped!

The dreaded Word Puzzler has captured the poor pet and left a string of word problems behind as clues. Fortunately, Detective Justin Time has experience with this sort of thing.

With logical, simple steps, he and Amber Waves tackle one math puzzle after another. Every word problem they face in their sleuthing appears right in the Workbook as well! The Answer Key provides each solution.

As our heroes progress in the case, the word problems get trickier. But they gain the skills to press on (as will your children). Even so, will Detective Justin and Amber Waves ever find the pork-napped pig?

This hilarious adventure gives your children the tools to face pesky word problems with confidence. Unique among the popular MathTacular series, MathTacular4 covers a very wide scope of mathematical skills as it focuses on one goal: cracking the code of word problems. The problems start with simple addition. And even if your kids aren't ready for the more advanced skills (like fractions and algebra) at the end of the video, they'll love watching Amber Waves and Justin Time chase the case to the end.

"I highly recommend the Mathtacular DVDs. The kids LOVE them, and they teach real math concepts in a very engaging way." -Crystal K

More about the Workbook with Tool Kit and Answer Key

The MathTacular4 DVD will automatically stop after our heroes introduce each new word problem (unless you set it to play straight through). You also get access to the videos online! With the workbook in hand, your kids can solve the puzzle right then and there. With the push of a button, your children can restart the DVD and watch Justin Time and Amber Waves carefully work through the solution. Your children can solidify each new concept with 5 extra practice problems. Mathematical skills used in the word problems start with simple addition and work up to ratios, fractions and algebra.

The handy Tool Kit in the back of the Workbook provides everything a kid might need to solve those pesky word problems. You'll find lists of:

  • Clue Words—the same words Detective Justin Time uses to decide which mathematical operation each word problem needs.
  • Simple Steps to Solve Word Problems—the exact steps Detective Time and Amber Waves use to crack each puzzle.
  • Units and Measurements—conversion formulas for inches to centimeters, Fahrenheit to Celsius and more.
  • Common Math Formulas—need to find the area of a triangle? Look here for help.

The Answer Key is a parent's dream. You'll find answers to each problem in the workbook and see all the steps on the way to that answer. And since there's more than one way to stuff a taco you'll even see alternate ways to solve some problems. If your kids get stuck on a problem, a quick peek inside the Answer Key will help them get started or see where they went wrong.

Finally, with MathTacular4, word problems are fun, practical ... and unbelievably understandable!

This set with the DVD, Workbook with Tool Kit, and Answer Key is great for grades 6 and up. (The DVD alone is great for grades 4 and up.) Also comes with digital access.

See a complete segment from MathTacular4 below:


MathTacular 4 (RM41)

This hilarious adventure gives your children the tools to face pesky word problems with confidence.


MathTacular 4 Workbook (RM42)

Use this workbook to join Detective Justin Time and Amber Waves on their MathTacular4 sleuthing adventure.


MathTacular 4 Answer Key (RM43)

The complete companion to the MathTacular4 Workbook.

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