MathTacular® 4 Answer Key RM43

MathTacular® 4 Answer Key

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The complete companion to the MathTacular4 Workbook.

Let your children help the heroes of MathTacular4.

Every word problem Detective Justin Time and Amber Waves face in their MathTacular4 sleuthing appears in the MathTacular4 Workbook with Tool Kit. This Answer Key provides every solution.

Inside these pages, you'll find answers to each problem in the workbook and see all the steps on the way to that answer. And since there's more than one way to stuff a taco you'll even see alternate ways to solve some problems.

If your kids get stuck on a problem, a quick peek inside here will help them get started or see where they went wrong.

With the MathTacular4 DVD, Workbook and Answer Key, you're on your way to word problem confidence!

For use in conjunction with the MathTacular4 DVD and the MathTacular4 Workbook with Tool Kit. Great for grades 6 and up. (The DVD is great for grades 4 and up. Get the complete MathTacular4 Package here.)

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