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MathTacular 1

appropriate for grades PreK—2

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Age Range: 4-7
Grade Range: Pre-K-2
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Your child will understand and enjoy numbers like never before! Watch Justin unlock the "mystery" of every concept in Sonlight's Math K programs—in one set of videos (DVD + digital access).

Math is "unbelievably understandable" AND fun with Justin

MathTacular Trailer

If you enjoy Justin's unique style and humor in our Discover and Do science videos, you'll love him in MathTacular®. Now, watch Justin unlock the "mystery" of EVERY concept in Sonlight's Math K programs—in one set of videos (which you get as both a DVD and with online access).

Apples teach fractions, cars serve as rulers, and a bear hunter shares his snacks! There's even Time for Friends. And the best part is this: you'll have fun learning math in every minute of this video...

We armed Justin with a complete list of math concepts from every Math K program we carry—Horizons, Saxon, and Singapore. He gathered all sorts of manipulatives—from blocks and clocks, to marbles and cars!—and created nearly 100 real-world scenarios to demonstrate how math surrounds us in our everyday experiences. Learn about everything from addition, subtraction, place value and estimating, to ordinal numbers, mass, area, fractions, money and more.

Justin's unique style and humor captivates in this DVD which comes with online access, too. You get over four hours of math activities and games—plus PDF training tools you can print from your computer at home.


Founded in concrete skills, enriched with creativity, and splashed with humor, MathTacular® is sure to become your children's favorite math supplement. Your child may even have a new favorite subject!

DVD video + digital access (about 4 hours)

"I am so glad I ordered this and hope that one will be produced for first grade next year, as well. I decided to preview parts of it the evening it arrived and both my husband and I enjoyed the style, content and wonderful humour. I originally ordered it because we are using Singapore Math® and I have had a nagging feeling about what we were "missing" this year since the scope and sequence in Singapore Math® is different. Now I can just relax, do our math, and enjoy filling in the gaps with Justin."

Susan K.

Below are just a few MathTacular sample clips for you to watch:

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